Our Core Values

The Deerfield community is one that truly cares about all students, families, and staff members. We strive to align our actions and behaviors with the following core values: Cooperation, Academic Excellence, Acceptance, Respect, Responsibility, and Effort. Forming the acronym CARE, our core values help us create an environment in which all students can learn and grow.

Forms & Documents

Principal's Message

Joshua C. Baumer, Principal


December 11, 2017



Dear Deerfield Families and Staff,


During this busy winter season, your child’s classroom teacher may offer opportunities to come together to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate the season and the teaching and learning that has taken place at the Deerfield School since the start of the 2017-2018 school year. Many of these events will take place in your child’s classroom where students often share original pieces of work and engage in games or craft projects.


In an effort to preserve the intention of these celebrations, students in other classes or grade-levels will not attend their sibling’s classroom celebrations, unless a sibling’s attendance is relevant to the celebration. In those situations, the classroom teachers will arrange that internally with parents prior to the event. In an effort to minimize distractions school-wide, we respectfully ask that parents refrain from going to a classroom to get their child to attend a sibling’s celebration or to visit a child in another grade-level.


Younger siblings, who are not yet Deerfield students, may be invited to attend a classroom celebration. That decision will be made by the classroom teacher planning the celebration and will be communicated to families when the celebration invitations are sent out.


Opportunities for parents to visit their children’s classrooms and celebrate their efforts, growth, and accomplishments are an extremely valuable part of the elementary school experience for both students and their parents. The Deerfield staff members are extremely grateful for the efforts parents make to attend school events. We appreciate your support in helping to make these times a true celebration of your child’s learning.


Thank you so much,





Joshua Baumer

Deerfield Elementary School
72 Deerfield Avenue
Westwood, MA 02090
781-326-7500 x8201

PTO Updates & Information



We would like to officially welcome you to the 2017-18 School Year!

During the last week of August, your Deerfield PTO Welcome Packets are mailed home.  


The Welcome Packet includes lots of useful info about your PTO including:

  • Your PTO Mission Statement
  • A listing of your PTO Board Members and Parent Reps
  • Meeting Dates
  • Tentative Calendar of PTO Events
  • A breakdown of PTO Per Pupil Spending & Funding Sources
  • A Financial Snapshot of the 2016-17 School Year
  • Your PTO Membership Form (Due September 15th)


To access an electronic version of these documents, click HERE.

We are looking forward to another wonderful school year together!



Second PTO Meeting of the Year

Our first meeting for the school year is on Thursday, November 29th at 7:00 pm.  Please join us in the Deerfield Gym for this meeting. All are welcome.

Hope to see you there!



Board of Directors

The Board of Directors provides the leadership and management to ensure that the PTO consistently achieves its goals and that it remains financially solvent.  The Board of Directors is comprised of parent volunteers in the following positions:

  • 2 Co-Chairs (First and Second-Year Chair)
  • 1 Treasurer (plus an Treasurer-in-Training as necessary)
  • 2 Secretaries (Communications & Recording)
  • 2 Volunteer Coordinators (Lead & Assistant)


Members of the Board of Directors serve a two-year term with the terms of volunteers in each function overlapping by 1 year.  For example, in any given year, the board will have one Chair in the second year of his/her tenure and another in his/her first year.  Terms run July 1-June 30.


For a full description of the Executive Board including specific job descriptions, please click here.  If you have more questions feel free to reach out to a current member of the board or one of your parent reps.  We hope that many members of the Deerfield community will consider being part of this rewarding experience.



More Info about Your PTO

To learn more about your PTO, please visit our Welcome Packet and the PTO section of the website which includes information about how to Get Involved, Keep In Touch, and Support Your PTO.



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