Westwood Public Schools Health Services are provided during regular school hours by Registered Nurses under the supervision of the school physician. Each school has a full time nurse and the pre-school program has a part time nurse. The mission of Health Services is to promote health, safety and wellness so all children can achieve academic success. The nurses are responsible for immunization compliance, health care planning for students with medical needs, educating staff about health care issues affecting student performance, and providing emergency and advisory care to students.


Home & Hospital Tutoring

Students are eligible for home/hospital tutoring after a 14 day absence due to medical reasons. Parents should provide written documentation from the student’s physician to document the illness and provide a projected date to return to school in order to initiate home/hospital tutoring.  Click here for the link to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (MADESE) Physician's Statement form.  Please note that the Physician must include a clear diagnosis and impact on learning statement, indicate if the absence from school will be intermittent or consecutive, and provide an anticipated date of return for this form to be valid.

Staff Directory

High School

Karen Poreda
p: 781-326-7500, x3353
f: 781-326-2695

Eileen Galvin
p: 781-326-7500, x3350
f: 781-326-2695

Middle School
Terese Sweeney
p: 781-326-7500, x2334
f: 781-326-2709

Deerfield School
Patricia DeAngelis
p: 781-326-7500, x8202
f: 781-320-0189

Downey School
Ellen Hanley Nadeau
p: 781-326-7500, x8337
f: 781-326-6531

Hanlon School
Leslie Davie
p: 781-326-7500, x7522
f: 781-326-2702

Martha Jones School
Dawnmarie Shu
p: 781-326-7500, x6263
f: 781-255-9277

Sheehan School
Lori Brown
p: 781-326-7500, x7125
f: 781-769-8046

Integrated Preschool
Andrea Clifford
p: 781-326-7500, x3352
f: 781-461-9782

School Physician
Dr. Henry D'Angelo, Jr.




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