Westwood’s Vision for Instructional Technology

Westwood Public Schools envisions and effectively supports an environment where technology is integrated throughout the curriculum to facilitate student-centered, engaging, collaborative learning. Students will graduate from the Westwood Public Schools with the skills and competencies necessary to adapt to and thrive in an ever-changing society.  All Westwood teachers possess the mindset and skills – technological and pedagogical – necessary to facilitate student use of technology for critical thinking, problem solving, and inquiry. Teachers utilize technology to model professional productivity in a collaborative information-based workplace.
District policies and procedures reflect a solid understanding of the essential role of technology in the education of all students.  The district ensures that technology-based tools, resources, and supports are equitably available for all students and staff and that the district’s technology infrastructure is driven by the teaching and learning needs of the district’s students and staff.  The infrastructure is designed and implemented and continually assessed to serve the needs of individuals for flexible, powerful, and user-friendly technology tools, systems, and resources.


Instructional Technology Department:

Steve Ouellette Director of Technology, Learning, & Innovation x3364
Greg Schwanbeck WHS Instructional Technology Coach  
MaryAlice Misuta WHS Instructional Technology Coach  
Angela Wilson WHS Instructional Technology Coach  
Jesse Murphy TMS Instructional Technology Coach  
Mary Comer Elementary Instructional Technology Coach  
Mark Goguen Elementary Instructional Technology Coach  
Judy Kress Elementary Instructional Technology Coach  


Technology Support Staff:

Joe Kearns Network Administrator
Nelson Perez Assistant Network Admin & Tech Support
Andrew Hebb High School Technology Support Specialist
Randy Miller Elementary Technology Support Specialist
Helen Wong Elementary Technology Support Specialist


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