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Westwood High School Menu:


March 30th-April 10th

March 16th-March 27th


Thurston Middle School Menu: 


March 30th- April 10th

March 16th-March 27th



Elementary Schools Menu:

March 2015

April 2015

Elementary A La Carte
.50 Whole Grain Goldfish      .50 Fudgsicles       
.50 Animal Crackers              .50 Frozen 100% juices
.50 Reduced Fat Chips         .50 Yogurts
.25 Bottled Water                    .40 Milk
.50 Whole Wheat Pretzels
1.00 Extra slice of Domino's Pizza


Westwood Allergy Awareness:

To find what menu items contain common allergens download the form below:

Inventory Allergens