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Grade 7 & 8 homework can be found in Google Classroom and on students' individual Google calendars.

Homework is regularly assigned to all Thurston students. It's purpose is to reinforce concepts introduced in class, to promote independent study and time management skills, and to prepare students for the demands of a rigorous, college-preparatory high school. Teams regularly monitor homework load and make an effort schedule tests and project due dates in order to provide students with the opportunity to give their best effort. On a typical weeknight, students can expect to devote the following amount of time to their homework:


Grade 6 = 45 - 75 minutes

Grade 7 = 60 - 90 minutes

Grade 8 = 75 - 120 minutes


Our goal is to help students develop increasing independence in managing their academic responsibilities. Students are taught, for example, to use an agenda book or online calendar to plan for homework and long-term assignments. Teams and teachers also post assignments on the Homework Calendar as a backup system

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