What will happen when a “pool” of students test “positive”?
If the pool of <=10 samples are found to be positive, those individuals will be contacted about conducting a follow up test (reflex test). You will receive a phone call to the email/phone number that you provided in the Project Beacon registration. Student/Family will be interviewed for symptoms or activities and will be instructed on next steps.  Families have the option to have student tested with surveillance BinaxNow Rapid Antigen test at WPS central location or they can go to a public testing site or primary care provider to have PCR test performed. 
Surveillance Rapid Antigen Test Process: A nurse will conduct testing on Wednesdays and Fridays at the Westwood High School.  Student and family can remain in car and nurse will approach to administer test. Families are asked to remain in their car for 15 min until a result is determined. 
PCR: Families can opt to have PCR test performed at Stop the Spread location or at Primary care office. PCR is considered a diagnostic test and the typical turnaround time for result is 24-48 hours.

If I am a part of a positive pool do I need to quarantine?

If you are notified you are in a pool that is potentially positive, you should get a follow up test.  Tests can be conducted at WPS central location or families can choose to get a test done somewhere else. While you are awaiting results, you will be asked to not be in school. 
Students in a positive pool cannot return to school or school sponsored activities until the follow up testing is complete and we have identified the positive individual in the pool.
Once identified, only the postiive individual will need to isolate. A member of the COVID-19 Monitoring and Response Team will contact you.
Will my student be able to participate in hybrid classes via remote learning while under quarantine?

Yes. Please reach out to the Principal/Guidance Counselor to communicate that your student will be participating remotely in hybrid learning due to a positive pool result. The Principal will be able to answer any additional questions regarding academic support during this period.

When can student return to school?

The WPS COVID-19 Monitoring and Response Team will inform you of clearance to return date. If you tested positive, you must self-isolate for 10 days AND until 24 hours have passed without fever or any other symptoms.

Who conducts contact tracing?

WPS COVID-19 Monitoring and Response Team will conduct contact tracing.

If an individual diagnostic test comes back as positive, what is the WPS approach?

  • COVID Monitoring and Response Team contact the individual / family
  • Provide direction / support / education
  • Continue to gather information
  • Joint collaboration with the Westwood Health Department for both in school and outside of school contact tracing
  • Protect the privacy of everyone involved

What can be concluded from a “negative” pool result?

Though rare, it is possible for an individual that has COVID-19 to register “negative” as the viral load increases within their system. This is why we will continue to adhere to all CDC recommended safety protocols, which have been proven to significantly decrease the chance of spreading the virus. Over time, statistically, we will be able to become more confident in the actual absence of the virus on the WPS campus.
If I am found to be positive through an individual diagnostic test, how long do I wait until participating in pool testing once again?
If an individual is found to be positive for COVID-19 via a diagnostic PCR test, the individual should not participate in pool testing for 90 days. This is because viral DNA could linger in the patient for some period of time, even when there is no active virus. So, we might accidentally conclude that a positive DNA test means such a person is once again infectious, when they in fact are not.

What if indiviudal student diagnostic test result is negative?

Your child can return to school as long they are without symptoms. There is the possibility that you might be notified that you are a close contact with someone who tested positive and you / your child may be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days.
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