Will I be notified if my child is part of a positive pool? 

There is no direct communicated from Project Beacon to account holders regarding pooled test results, per state guidelines. The WPS COVID-19 Response Team will contact you via phone and email if you/your student has been identified in Positive Pool. 

A positive pooled test result does not indicate that your child has been infected with COVID-19. A follow-up test is always required for each individual in a positive pool. WPS uses Abbott BinaxNOW Rapid Antigen Diagnostic Test for follow-up. Each individual included in the pool will be tested using the Abbott BinaxNow Rapid Antigen Test to confirm the positive individual(s).


Will I be notified if my child receives a positive Follow-Up test? 

Yes. Your child’s school will notify you of the individual follow-up test results and if your child is positive or negative and what to do in each scenario. If you have set up an account with Project Beacon using an email address or phone number, you will also be notified with a new test result notification for you to check at app.beacontesting.com

Will I be notified if my child is part of a negative pool? 

No. If your child is part of a negative pool, they are cleared to continue attending school as normal. No further action is required. 

What should I do if my child’s result is returned as invalid.

Nothing. While invalid results are rare, your school will have a protocol in place for how to re-test under these circumstances.


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