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Dear Parents,


Welcome to the Westwood Public Schools Student Services Program Guide for the 2023-2024 school year.


This guide organizes the Student Services programming offered in the Westwood Public Schools starting with Integrated Preschool opportunities, and extending through the Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle, High School and Transitional Age (18-22) experiences provided to our students.


This District-wide Program Guide is intended to provide an overview of the current structure of programming so that families can be informed participants in the Team process for their children.


It is our expectation that this guide exists as an ongoing reference aide for families and we will update as programs change over time.  We anticipate that this guide will be a transparent and welcoming look into programming options with the understanding that any program can adjust and revise its elements to respond to the ever changing needs of our students.


We welcome feedback from our WPS families, staff and the residents of Westwood on this document.  One-page visuals showing the programming opportunities for parents, staff and teams to easily use during meetings are also available as well for reference.


Best wishes,

Susan Maselli

Director of Student Services


Download a copy of the District Program Guide


Elementary Student Services Guide Sheet

Thurston Middle School Student Services Guide Sheet

Westwood High School Student Services Guide Sheet

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