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In the Westwood Public Schools, we believe that all children should be educated in an environment where they are safe, supported, engaged, and challenged.  We work to provide students with meaningful learning experiences so that they develop the knowledge and skills necessary to become healthy, productive citizens.  Teachers work collaboratively to develop robust curriculum units that are aligned to the learning standards in the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and to ensure that students have a consistent, cumulative experience as they progress from preschool to graduation. When our students graduate from high school, they are ready for college, career, and beyond.  

To ensure that our curriculum and instructional practices reflect current research and current student needs, educators engage in a periodic curriculum review cycle.  Teams of educators across the district examine our current practices and make recommendations for changes in curriculum and programs. During the 2018-2019 school year, the district is engaged curriculum review processes for Social Emotional Learning and English Language Arts/Literacy.


Though our learning targets for each subject and grade remain fairly constant, the curriculum itself - the lessons, projects, assignments and materials that teachers use in the classroom - are dynamic.  Our teachers use their knowledge of teaching and learning to constantly reflect on, revise, and improve their work with students in the classroom.


Best wishes for a wonderful year of learning!


Office of the Assistant Superintendent


Allison Borchers

Assistant Superintendent

p: 781-326-7500, x1348


Scott Tirrell

Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent

p: 781-326-7500, x1347 


Angela Wilson

Professional Development Coordinator

p: 781-326-7500, x1510



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