The presentation from the January 2019 Kindergarten Readiness Information Meeting is available.



The following links  may provide parents with more information about the transition to kindergarten:


Starting Kindergarten


Preparing for Kindergarten


Kindergarten Expectations


Kindergarten Skills


Kindergarten Transition Skills


15 Ways to be Ready for Kindergarten


Motor Readiness


Kindergarten Screenings



Ready for Kindergarten - Berkshire Museum



There are many books with characters transitioning to Kindergarten. This list contains a few. The books on this list are available at the Westwood Public Library. Once enrolled in school, each school library offers a variety of books about going to kindergarten.  




Local Resources

The Boston Children's Museum has a "Countdown to Kindergarten" exhibit. The exhibit, "is a model classroom that invites children and their parents to have a typical kindergarten experience. Adults can ask staff 'teachers' questions they may have about the kindergarten registration process, child development milestones, and how to help their child be ready for school." 

In an effort to help Massachusetts museums and libraries sustain their new community relationships and innovative early childhood programming, the Boston Children's Museum has created a framework for four focus areas (STEM, Brain Building in Progress, kindergarten readiness, and literacy) and have provided activities for a full year of programming that can be adapted by any museum or library. The Passport to Kindergarten Kit contains an educators’ guide and a sample “passport” for children and families to use to document their participation.

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