At the preschool level learning in the history and social sciences is built on an understanding of children’s experiences with their families, communities, school, town, etc.  A focus of the curriculum is on the acquisition of knowledge and skills that are needed in community life.  Children are exposed to maps, globes, and some calendar holidays. 

  • Understand and describe the daily routine (e.g., what comes first, next, last)
  • Use vocabulary related to time in relevant events (e.g., countdown to special days, looking at photographs of parents and grandparents)
  • Identify and describe cause and effect in relation to personal experiences
  • Learn personal information (e.g., first/last name, age, address, town)
  • Identify common signs and discuss their purpose (e.g., stop signs, traffic lights)
  • Discuss simple maps
  • Discuss examples of rules, fairness, consequences of negative behavior
  • Develop self-help skills
  • Take responsibility for classroom tasks
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