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The following information for parents with books, websites, articles on special education, early childhood education and development.



Parent Engagement and Family Support

When parents and families have supports and resources they need to facilitate children’s healthy development, they are building a strong foundation for future growth. In this section you will find resources on important issues like: child development, education, nutrition, health and safety.


The Department of Early Education and Care is pleased to share a website with information for parents, families and professionals in the early education and care field on helping to support young children's learning and development.  "Resources for Early Learning" has media-based tools including curriculum units, videotaped professional development modules, and tips for parents and families. These tools are fun, free, and easy to use.  


The Mighty


About The Mighty: We are writers, editors, producers, developers and more. We have worked at a lot of big media companies — The New York Times, ABC News, NBC News, MSNBC, MTV, AOL, The Huffington Post — and some small ones as well. We joined forces to build The Mighty because we all believed that a media company could be more than a business. At its best, it could actually help people.



Youngest Kid, Smartest Kid?   From The New Yorker

The article is about the practice of "redshirting", holding a child back for an extra year before the start of kindergarten, named for the red jersey worn in intra-team scrimmages by college athletes kept out of competition for a year.




Here are some great books to check out!

1. Your Successful Preschooler: Ten Skills Children Need to Become Confident and Socially Engaged by Ann Densmore, EdD and Margaret Bauman, MD

2. The Power of Play by David Elkind, Ph.D.

3. The Secret Language of Children: How to understand what your kids are really saying

by Dr. Lawerence E. Shapiro

4. Reaching Out, Joining In: Teaching Social Skills to Young Children with Autism by Mary Jane Weiss, Ph.D BCBA & Sandra L, Harris, Ph.D.

5. Time-In:When Time-Out Doesn't Work by Jean Illsley Clarke

6. Win the Whining War & Other Skirmishes: A family peace plan by Cynthia Whitham, MSW

7. The Dance of Interaction: A Guide to Managing Children's Challenging Behaviors by Jeanine Fitzgerald

8. No More Misbehavin': 38 Difficult Behaviors and How to Stop Them by Michele Borba, Ed.D. 

9. The Explosive Child by Ross W. Greene, Ph.D.

10. The Worried Child: Recognizing Anxiety in Children and Helping Them Heal by Paul Foxman, Ph.D.

11. Raising Resilient Children by Robert Brooks, Ph.D. and Sam Goldstein, Ph.D.

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