The freshmen year guidance curriculum is devoted to making the transition from middle school to high school a positive one. Guidance counselors run a series of seminars throughout the year to discuss topics such as school resources and policies, study skills, course selection, and calculating GPA.  


Helpful Resources:

Eighth Grade Parent Night Webinar (Recorded on 2/3/21)  Passcode: 7z8Bn=D@

Program of Studies 

Graduation Requirements

Ninth Grade Elective Options

Health Requirements Grade Nine

College Planning and Preparation: A four-year plan

Ninth Grade and New Student Handbook

Bell Schedule (2021-2022)

7-Day Rotation Calendar




Ninth Grade Seminars

Three ninth grade seminars will be presented: 




  • Topic: Introduction to Transcript & GPA





Community Service & Volunteer Opportunities

Community service and volunteer opportunities are available in Westwood and the Greater Boston Area.

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