Parent Notification on Tutoring

Thurston Middle School maintains a list of tutors for home instruction. A number of people complete and submit forms representing that they have the skills to tutor your child. The Westwood Public Schools does not complete background checks or review academic credentials of non-employees who wish to be listed as tutors. Some tutors are regularly used and known by the middle school. Others, however, are new and have not been used previously, and the middle school is not familiar with their abilities. You should request and check all references since the Westwood Public Schools does not do this. The names are simply provided to assist you in your search for a tutor for your child, and inclusion on this list does not constitute an endorsement by the Westwood Public Schools of these individuals, their qualifications, or their ability as tutors. Thurston Middle School teachers do not tutor their own students. Any information about a student cannot be given to a tutor by a teacher without written consent from a parent or guardian.

There are 2 lists below for Private Tutoring:

List 1) Thurston staff members and other adults available for hire.

List 2) National Honor Society members at WHS (To be updated Fall 2021)

WHS Students listed are available only for tutoring at the Westwood Public Library.



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