Name Location Role
Ken Aries District Director of Operations
Glen Atkinson District Elementary Student Services Department Head
Gregory Baldwin District Assistant Director of Operations
Allison Borchers District Assistant Superintendent
Karen Cafarella District Administrative Assistant
John Cianciarulo District Chief of Staff
Karen Dullea District Special Education Finance Clerk/Medicaid Analyst
Amanda Fairbanks District COVID-19 Testing Coordinator
Lisa Freedman District Preschool Director and Elementary Student Services Department Head
Kelly Grant District Out of District Coordinator
Abigail Hanscom District Director of Student Services
Lemma Jn-baptiste District Director of Business & Finance
Donna McClellan District Information Systems
Phyllis McLean District Elementary Student Services Department Head
Paula Mee District Administrative Assistant
Barbara Moore District Assistant to Director of Business & Finance
Carol Morrison Deutsch District Human Resources Generalist and Assistant to Assistant Superintendent
Debra Nolan District Building Use Coordinator
Jim O'Connell District Information Systems
Steve Ouellette District Director of Technology, Learning & Innovation
Emily Parks District Superintendent
Leeann Plouffe District Assistant to Director of Student Services
Karen Poreda District COVID-19 Monitoring & Response Team Nurse
Bianca Terrenzi District Accounts Payable
Mara Tryder District Payroll Coordinator
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