The goal of Westwood’s elementary math program is to develop in students an understanding of mathematical concepts and to enable students to competently apply and communicate mathematical knowledge in varied problem-solving contexts. 


The Mathematics Program develops mathematical thinking and computational fluency, while emphasizing reasoning, making connections, and using representations. Through their study of mathematics, students engage with rational numbers, geometry, data, measurement, and early algebra.  The program is guided by the following set of beliefs about teaching, learning, and assessing mathematics: 


  • Mathematical ideas should be explored in ways that stimulate curiosity, create enjoyment of mathematics, develop depth of understanding, and promote mathematical thinking. 


  • An effective mathematics program focuses on problem solving and requires teachers who have a deep knowledge of mathematics. 


  • Technology is an essential tool in a mathematics education. 


  • Assessment of student learning in mathematics should take many forms to inform instruction and learning. 


The Learning Standards for all grades PreK-12 are aligned to the Massachusetts Mathematics Curriculum Framework (2017). Because the Standards are grouped in clusters by concept, the order in which they are listed in the Learning Standards for each grade is not necessarily the order in which they are or will be taught. 


The textbook series used in grades K-5 is TERC Investigations in Numbers, Data, and Space

Elementary Standards by Grade:


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5


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