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Work Hard, Be Your Best Self, Do The Right Thing

Welcome to the Martha Jones School. The core values of the school, which can best be summarized as academic excellence, respect for others, and personal responsibility, underlie all that we do. With the implementation of a rigorous academic curriculum in language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and social competencies and high expectations for student and teacher engagement, our students thrive. I am delighted to welcome you to Martha Jones.  


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Message from the Principal

Math Meet Winners! Congratulations to our 3rd and 4th Grade Math League Teams on Their 1st Place Finishes at the Math League Meet.  Way to Go MJ!

The 3rd-grade team includes - Katherine Santos, Molly Shea, Caleb Fengler, Cooper Morrison, Nile Dalal, Sam Kline, Luke Szigety, Maddie Kline, Carolyn Schultz, Adelyn Smith, and missing from the picture: Reese Lipton, and Mikey Murphy, Alex Resha, and Rhea Sharma.

The 4th-grade team includes - Jacob Cicerchia, Flynn Hall, Michael  Qiao, Sophia Grasso, Cara Sullivan, Maggie Viano, and missing from the picture: Madisyn Travers, Drew Matthews, and Lucas Rizzi.

While our 5th-grade team didn’t win the Math Meet they did come in 4th place. They should be proud of their efforts.  The 5th-grade team includes -

Avik Sattiraju, Ansh Sattiraju, James D’Addio, Hannah Lassen, Elle Jonic, Maggie Mullin, and missing from the picture: Dylan Kaplan, Brady Lipton, and Owen Rezek.



Class Placement - In May, teachers, special educators, specialists, the school psychologist, and I will begin the process of class placement for the 2019-2020 school year.  We review information about each child’s academic, social, and personal characteristics and use that information when making placement decisions. Our primary goal is to develop well-balanced classrooms and assign each child to a classroom in which he or she can develop academically and socially.  I am confident that all of our teachers provide students with wonderful learning opportunities. If you have specific information about your child’s learning needs that you would like us to consider during the process, please email me that information by April 30th. Only information provided to me, in writing, will be considered.  Conversations with teachers during conferences, requests from previous years, and information from prior conversations are difficult to keep track of and not considered in the placement process. Please note that letters and emails are not kept from previous years since children change and grow and we make decisions based on current information.  I will copy all letters and emails I receive and distribute them to the placement team members for consideration. If you are the parent of multiples (twins, triplets, etc.), you may specify whether you want your children placed in the same class or different classes. Please don’t assume we know this information, if you have a preference for together or separate for your twin/triplet placement, let us know.  Westwood Public Schools does not allow parents to request their children’s teachers; therefore, requests for specific teachers will not be accepted or considered.  Specific requests to have a teacher will not be honored and will result in your child not being placed in the requested class. Sometimes, parents assume that if one of their children had a teacher, the other child will automatically have that same teacher.  This is not true. Previous family placements are not considered in the placement process. All class placements are final. Please contact me if you have any questions about the process.


Mariachi Dancers - A grant from the Foundation for Westwood Education - The only all-female Mariachi Band in Boston performed for students, teachers, and seniors from Foxhill Village at the Martha Jones School last week.  They not only performed, but they had the students (and teachers) up and dancing. It was an exciting show and a few students even got to take center stage!   


Spirit Day - April 26th

On Friday, April 26th we will be having “Crazy Day”. Wear the craziest outfit you can come up with! You can wear shorts with a suit jacket, style your hair in a wild way, wear two different colored socks and shoes, or wear all of your clothes inside out. Try to make your outfit as crazy as you can!


The idea is to have fun and show your school spirit. We look forward to seeing how wild Martha Jones students can look on “Crazy Day”.


PTO News and Update 



We will be electing an incoming treasurer to shadow for the 2019/2020 school year and take over for the following year. If you’d like to run for the MJ PTO treasurer, please let us know!




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