Art at the Middle School expands on the skills, knowledge and habits of mind nurtured at the elementary level and prepares students for the art program at the high school. The middle school curriculum is designed to enable students to extend their visual vocabulary, think critically, and understand that art is a tool of communication and expression.


Through a series of hands on experiences using a wide array of materials and techniques, students learn how to use the elements and principles of design to translate thoughts and feelings into two and three dimensional works of art. Students solve design problems that encourage the development of unique and personal solutions. Through class discussion and written assignments, students learn how to analyze and evaluate their own work and that of others. Proper use, care and maintenance of art materials are emphasized.


Students are introduced to the work of various artists and cultures to expand their appreciation of the role of the arts in different societies. Connections to the classroom curriculum are often made. I


Students are enrolled in art for one trimester each year in grades 6, 7, and 8.


Art Department Faculty


Chelsea Santos-Friberg


Kevin Long






Grade 6 Art 


Grade 7 Art 


Grade 8 Art 










































































































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