Transition Brochures

These transition brochures provide important information from the Transition Technical Assistance Advisories developed by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. They have been designed to offer guidance around the secondary transition process.  They are provided by The Federation for Children with Special Needs.


Basic Rights: Understanding the IEP Presentation (1/13/20 SEPAC meeting)

DESE Presentation TFM Parent Orientation (1/13/20 SEPAC meeting)


Basic Rights Presentation (2/28/19 & 12/28/17 SEPAC meeting)


Understanding Basic Rights in Special Education (9/2017 SEPAC meeting)


Deciding on Disclosure at Home PowerPoint presentation (12/11/17 SEPAC meeting)

Self-Awareness Worksheet for Kids

Self-Awareness Worksheet


Basic Rights PowerPoint Presentation from the Federation for Children with Special Needs (11/15/16 SEPAC meeting)


Turning 14 Resource Packet - Parent Training and Information (PTI) Project from the Federation for Children with Special Needs


DeMystifying the Middle School Presentation (11/9/15 SEPAC Meeting)


2017-2018 Student Services Update Presentation (October 2017 SEPAC Meeting)


Student Services Update Presentation (October 2016 School Committee Meeting)


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