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Janice Van Hyning, Program Coordinator
781-326-7500, x7531

Michael Fagone, Assistant Program Coordinator and Hanlon Site Coordinator
781-326-7500, x7532

Christine Niedzialkoski, Sheehan Site Coordinator
781-326-7500, x7014

Eliza Yee, Martha Jones Site Coordinator
781-326-7500, x6270


The Westwood Extended Day Program has provided after-school care and recreation for children enrolled in the Westwood Public Schools, Grades K – 5, since 1991. The program is open every day that school is in session, and offers care daily from dismissal to 6:00 p.m. In addition, the program is open on selected no-school days from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. for an additional fee.

The Extended Day Program is housed at three sites: at the Paul Hanlon Elementary School for children from the Paul Hanlon, Deerfield and Downey schools; and at the Martha Jones and Sheehan Elementary Schools for children from those schools. School buses transport children from the Deerfield and Downey schools to the Paul Hanlon School. The program has use of dedicated or shared classrooms, the gymnasium and cafeteria, art/music rooms, the library, the athletic field and playground at each site.

The Extended Day Program provides a daily opportunity for children to be creative, to stretch their muscles, and to explore and experience the world around them. Children participate in a variety of activities including arts & crafts, dramatic play, group games and sports, cooking and science. Physical recreation is offered daily indoors and/or outdoors. Quiet space for reading and homework is provided daily. Program enrichment derives from a number of local resources including the Westwood Children’s Library, Westwood Youth and Family Services, Police, Fire, School and Recreation Departments, visiting specialists, Extended Day parents and field trips.

The Extended Day teachers are highly qualified meeting, at minimum, the State requirements for school-age child care teachers. Teaching assistants, including Westwood High School students and college students, add energy and enthusiasm. The entire staff offers a variety of personal experiences, interests and talents, and the ability to convey a sense of caring and respect for children. The staff strives to meet the individual needs, abilities and interests of each child, to contribute to the social growth of the children by fostering cooperative and responsible attitudes, and to create a supportive environment in which children can learn to make good choices and to become considerate and contributing citizens. 

Before School: The Westwood Before School Program is offered at all five elementary schools, pending sufficient enrollment. The Westwood Public Schools reserves the right to review the viability of the program if, at any time, the enrollment is not sufficient to support the program. Transportation to the program is provided by parents, who check the children in with a teacher upon arrival. A breakfast of cold cereal, milk and juice is available. Games and activities are provided according to the needs and interests of the children. 

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