Ariel Mullen - Co-President

Alan Jacobson - Co-President   

Liz Williamson - Co-President Elect 

Effie DiGrandominico - Secretary 

Frank Vitiello - Treasurer  frankv5562@gmail


If the matter is urgent in nature, please contact the school office at (781) 326-7500, ext 2336.



The board is seeking a new treasurer to join the group starting next fall.  If you are interested and available, you are welcome to join board meetings this spring:  you can see the current board in action and get a head start thinking about possible PTO-sponsored initiatives next year.   


Minutes from our current year will be available online throughout the year.  Click on the links below to catch up with PTO news:  


April 27, 2017 General Membership Meeting

November 21, 2016 General Membership Meeting

September 7, 2016 Executive Board Meeting

August 3, 2016 Executive Board Meeting

Updated PTO Bylaws

PTO Dues 2016-2017

Please join the Thurston PTO!  Your dues support outstanding programs, events and opportunities for all Thurston students! 


Number of Students
Name of oldest Student

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