05/16/17SEPAC Parent Presentation: Executive Function Skills: The Key to Defusing Homework Battles

Learn how to make homework time easier by supporting executive function skills.

04/10/17SEPAC Parent Social

Join us for a parent night out!

04/06/17Hanlon's 3rd Annual Science Fair

Click here to read about the sign-up process and requirements for the Science Fair

04/06/17High School Musical at TMS

Come see the TMS musical!

03/30/17TECH Us Out

Learn more about how to support your child with tech-based school assignments at home.

03/27/17SEPAC Meeting

Join us for our next meeting.

03/09/17Hanlon Library Gift Book Program

See how you can honor your child with a gift to the Library.

03/04/17School Committee

School Committee Did you know that Tony Mullin is Hanlon’s School Committee Representative? If you have questions about the Superintendent Search, the Proposed Budget, or anything else regarding Westwood Public Schools, contact Tony at tonymmullin@gmail.com.

03/04/17Archived February Principal Posts 2017

02/17/17Archived January Principal Posts 2017

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