Children develop the basis for communication within the early childhood years. Children learn to interact with peers and appreciate literature. Research shows that a strong foundation in language development promotes success in reading and writing in the future. Language skills are promoted throughout the day as children explore their environments and learn to communicate with one another. The Preschool addresses the following language, reading and writing foundation skills, for rising kindergarten children:
Language, Speaking, and Listening
  • Learn appropriate ways to interact within a group using conversational conventions.
  • Children learn to participate in meaningful discussions with adults and peers by following agreed upon rules
  • Increase vocabulary and concepts
  • Understand and follow multi-step directions
  • Understanding and retelling simple stories and events
  • Reading Standards for Literature
  • Understand key ideas and details
  • Integration of knowledge and ideas
  • Develop basic print concepts
  • Develop an awareness of speech sounds, rhyming, and segmenting words
  • into syllables, and other ways of manipulation words
  • Foundation phonic skills
  • Writing Standards
  • Develop foundation writing skills though drawing and print
  • Writing the upper case letter in one’s own name and some lower case letters
  • Dictates words to express ideas
  • Links some sounds to corresponding printed letters
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