Westwood is fortunate with amazing people and organizations that can enrich the education and development of our students, faculty, and families. Our team works to connect the district to the resources within the town of Westwood and Greater Boston, creating unique and engaging opportunities. The Westwood Public Schools values its community partnerships which aid in our mission to expand opportunities for all students. 


Westwood Community Chest is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Westwood residents in need through temporary financial assistance. The organization awards camperships to summer camp for school-aged children.


Westwood Food Pantry is a nonprofit that provides essential provisions to individuals and families in Westwood who need temporary assistance. 


Westwood Commission on Disability works on issues of great importance to Town residents with disabilities and their families.  These include housing, transportation, physical access and emergency planning.  They also present 'Caring for the Caregiver' events to support families.


The Foundation for Westwood Education partners with residents and local businesses to raise funds and award educational grants to both the Westwood Public Schools and community organizations.


Hale Education is a nonprofit educational organization that manages a naturalized area of Westwood and Dover, providing outdoor and environmental education experiences for children and adults.


The William James College INTERFACE Referral Service, available to all Westwood residents, connects children, adults, and families, with mental health and wellness resources.


The Westwood Public Library provides resources and diverse and creative opportunities for residents to satisfy recreational interests and find information on cultural and social trends. Museum passes, meeting spaces, information and reference materials, and Internet access are all available.


Westwood Recreation offers fun, innovative, and healthy programs and events.


Westwood Youth and Family Services is a municipally-funded agency that provides clinical and supportive services for children ages four through eighteen.

METCO Program

METCO creates environments where students, families and educators of different backgrounds can appreciate diversity, find common ground through shared experiences, build lifelong inter-racial friendships, and strive toward the mutual goal of preparing young people to become global citizens. 

Welcome Club

The Welcome Club creates community events that bring Westwood Public Schools families together. Families that are new to Thurston, whether from Boston or Westwood, can connect with veteran WPS families and each other in fun and interesting ways, including in-school events, outings, game nights, picnics, and facilitated adult discussions. 



Hale Education

1,100+ acres of forests, ponds, and meadows in Westwood and Dover operated as a non-profit that provides outdoor and environmental education experiences for children and adults. 





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