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Welcome Back letter from Susan Maselli


Massachusetts Dyslexia Guidelines


Final Report of DESE Tiered Focused Monitoring Review - 9/1/2023

Please click the link above to review the final report from DESE.  You can also access the report at https://www.doe.mass.edu/psm/tfm/3yrcycle.html

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Tiered Focused Monitoring Report for ELL


Proportional/Equitable Share information


September 28, 2021 - Building Project Accessibility Presentation


The Westwood Public Schools is committed to the provision of quality education for all students and offers an array of support services and programs in all of our schools. The Department of Student Services offers broad range of general education support services with access to Guidance Counselors, Psychologists, Nurses and English-As-A-Second Language (ELL) Staff. In addition, special education and related services are available to students who meet mandated eligibility criteria, including but not limited to, speech pathology services, occupational therapy services, and physical therapy services for eligible students. Special Educators and general educators work closely to facilitate positive, inclusive educational experiences.
Student Services Include:
·      Community Partnerships
·      Preschool Programs
·      Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act
·      Special Education
·      Health Services
·      Guidance
·      ELL
·      Home/Hospital Tutoring
·      Homeless Liaison Services
If you need assistance from the Westwood Public Schools Student Services Department, you are welcome to contact one of the following people:


Director of Student Services

Susan Maselli


p: 781-326-7500 x1345


Administrative Assistant

Leeann Plouffe


p: 781-326-7500 x1345/x1346


Out of District Coordinator 

Kelly Grant


p: 781-326-7500 x1389


Out of District Administrative Assistant and Special Education Finance Clerk/Medicaid Analyst 

Karen Dullea


p: 781-326-7500 x1381


K-5 Department Head - Deerfield, Hanlon, Martha Jones & Sheehan Schools

Glen Atkinson


p: 781-326-7500 x5106


Preschool Director and K-5 Department Head - Downey School

Lisa Freedman


p: 781-326-7500 x5113


Administrative Assistant

Karen Cafarella


p: 781-326-7500 x5108

Special Education Child Find Notice & Kindergarten Screenings

Under federal and state special education regulations, Westwood Public Schools has a duty to locate, identify, refer, evaluate, and, if eligible, provide a free, appropriate public education to students with disabilities who reside in the town of Westwood.  For parents or guardians of children ages 3-21 years of age, who have a disability or developmental delay, and who would like more information, please contact Susan Maselli, Director of Student Services at 781-326-7500 x1345.
Under the requirements of Massachusetts Special Education Law, the Westwood Public Schools is required to screen all children entering kindergarten to identify students who may have a disability that would interfere with their ability to make effective progress in an educational environment. Kindergarten screening includes an assessment of the child’s development in the areas of cognition, language, and motor skills. If your child does not attend Kindergarten in the Westwood Public Schools and will turn five years old by September 1, 2023, please contact the Westwood Public School’s Student Services Department for a screening appointment. All screenings must be completed by October 31, 2023.   Please contact Glen Atkinson, Elementary Student Services Dept. Head at 781-326-7500 X1345 for more information.


Parent's Notice of Procedural Safeguards

This Notice provides you with important information about your right to be involved in planning your
student’s special education.


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Each translation glossary lists seventy-nine (79) English terms and their foreign language equivalents as used throughout the translated documents.





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