The goal of the performing arts program is to provide opportunities for students to explore the various areas of the arts, while at the same time developing skills related to life-long learning. The elementary performing arts curricula is aligned to the MA Curriculum Frameworks and guided by the mission statement of the Westwood Performing Arts Department.


Overview of the Elementary Music Program


General/Instrumental Music

Grade Frequency Duration
K 1x per week 45 minutes
1 1x per week 45 minutes
2 1x per week 45 minutes
3 1x per week 45 minutes

2x per week

  • General music

  • Instrumental

45 minutes each

1x per week

  • General music

1x per week

  • Chorus (1/2 year only)

45 minutes
Gr. 5 Band 1x per week 30 minutes

Strings Program

Gr. 1-5

After school

1x per week

45 minute group classes

60 minute orchestra


Elementary Drama

Grade 5

1x per week

  • Drama (1/2 year only)

45 minutes

Elementary Music Goals

  • Sing and play instruments, learn a repertoire of traditional, folk, patriotic and other songs and pieces

  • Move to music, explore creative and structured movement

  • Read music, using music reading skills learned in music classes

  • Listen to music, explore the purpose and expression and composers of a variety of musical styles

  • Create original music in small and large groups

  • Think about, evaluate and write about music performance, style and expression

  • Make connections between music with other arts and/or other curriculum subjects

  • Participate in "informances," in class, or in other school and public venues


Elementary Drama Goals

  • Develop communication skills

  • Increase confidence in public presentations

  • Develop skills of social interaction

  • Clarify student identity

  • Explore limits and boundaries of human behavior in safe/supervised environment

  • Explore and learn a range of possible behaviors within life experiences and to build upon these experiences to promote personal and social learning within the context of drama

  • Reflect/analyze human behaviors; personality types and life situations within the context of drama

  • Promote creativity by utilizing thinking, feeling and the body in solutions to problems in communication

  • Develop drama skills

  • Develop teamwork to accomplish common goals

  • Integrate students’ understanding and knowledge of drama with the study of other academic disciplines

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