Mission Statement

Westwood SEPAC (Special Education Parent Advisory Council) is an independent advocacy group with the mission to work for the understanding of, respect for, and support of all children with disabilities in our community.


Requirements for PAC's in Massachusetts:

The Massachusetts Special Education Law, Chapter 71B of the Massachusetts General Laws, requires a school district to establish a PAC, and assigns both an advisory and a participatory function to the PAC.  Read the document from DESE regarding Guidance for SEPAC's.


Membership is offered to all parents of students found eligible for special education, as well as other interested parties.


Learn more about the MassPAC - Federation for Children with Special Needs



Helpful Resources for Parents


Parent's Notice of Procedural Safeguards






2022-2023 Westwood Program Guide

IEP Process Guide

Is Special Education the Right Service?

State Complaint Due Process Comparison Chart

Information about Transition (students ages 14-22)

Concord Public Schools SEPAC website

Eligibility Criteria Presentation

Student Services Update - 10/7/19

Understanding Basic Rights in Special Education

Basic Rights Training Presentation 2/28/19 & 12/28/17 (Federation for Children with Special Needs)


A Parent's Guide to Special Education

English                           Spanish


A Parent's Guide to Selecting a Special Education Advocate in Massachusetts

English                         Spanish

Contact Information

Visit our website at www.westwoodsepac.org

Email us at westwoodsepac@gmail.com

More about us!


SEPAC Board:

Asanka Moehring & Jared Jones- Co-Chairs

Lauren Fortin & Isabelle Hollingsworth - Co-Secretaries

SEPAC School Liaisons:

Integrated Preschool - Karen Dolman (karen.dolman20@gmail.com)

Downey School - Samantha Sturma (Srsturma@gmail.com)

Martha Jones School - Lauren Fortin (laurenfortin@gmail.com)

Pine Hill School - Doris Forteith (drdqforteith@gmail.com)

Sheehan School - Asanka Moehring (asanka.moehring@icloud.com)

TMS - Isabelle Hollingsworth (isa581@yahoo.com) & Liz Polin (mlpolin@yahoo.com) - grade 6

          Kerry Aglugub (kaglugub@gmail.com) - grade 7

          Megan Brenk (mbrenk@gmail.com) - grade 8

WHS - Stephanie Finegold (finegolds2008@gmail.com)

OOD - Position open


Next SEPAC Meetings/Events:

Spring Events

  • SEPAC Meeting Minutes

December 8, 2020 Presentation

January 9, 2018

December 11, 2017

October 10, 2017

May 17, 2017

March 27, 2017

May 10, 2018 Benefits Presentation

February 28, 2019- Basic Rights in Special Education Presentation

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