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Sheehan School Core Four Values

Respect and Not Neglect ♦ Voice the Right Choice ♦ Listen, Learn, Try, Ask Why ♦ School Wide Pride

Principal's Message

 Dear Sheehan Families,


Every year, each public school and the district in Massachusetts receives a report card. Just as your child’s report card shows how they are doing in different subjects, the school’s report card is designed to show families how our school is doing in different areas. A link to our school’s report card is available at


The report card includes multiple measures of a school’s performance – more than just MCAS scores. It represents a new way of looking at school performance, by providing information on student achievement, teacher qualifications, student learning opportunities, and more. 


Report cards are designed to be useful tools for everyone connected to our school. Families can use the information to have meaningful conversations with us about what the school is doing well and where there is room for improvement. Community and education leaders can use the information to better understand how to support students and our school.


You will notice on our report card that we are a School of Recognition. Only 67 schools (out of 1800+ schools) in Massachusetts received this designation.  Sheehan received this designation for exceeding our performance targets.  While the recognition from the state is great, the real reward is seeing our students thrive and succeed, not just academically, but physically, socially, and emotionally as well. We are a district that is focused on continued growth and improvement and our district goals reflect our priorities. 


Parents and guardians are critical partners in the success of our school. It is a pleasure working in a community that values education and I appreciate the continued support. 

If you have questions about our school’s report card or any of the data, please feel free to contact me. To see our district’s report card or to search for other schools’ report cards, visit



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Calling All Volunteers for the 2019-2020 School Year

To get involved, please contact Diana Martucci or Kristina Rull.  



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Co-Presidents: Diana Martucci and Kristina Rull

Co-Secretaries: Julie Slotnick and  Alix Stewart

Co-Treasurers: Tracy GreenWendy Hickey, and Suzanne Insler 


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