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Girl programs robot to plow snow.
Children build a lift attached to a robot.
Students program Dash Robot to walk the perimeter of a shape.
Students graph programming - Unplugged Coding.
Students solve puzzles with tangrams.
5th graders support K students


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Principal's Message

February 8, 2019


Dear Sheehan Families,

This month we are celebrating Black History Month (February).  Last Friday, we celebrated World Read Aloud Day and the first day of Black History Month, February 1st.

World Read Aloud Day celebrates the joy of reading together while Black History Month reminds us to honor all members of our communities and celebrate their contributions to our world.

The Sheehan School was privileged to have  Mrs. Barbara Henry as our guest speaker!  She discussed her experience as a teacher living in New Orleans during the civil rights movement. Barbara Henry stood on the right side of history in her early years of teaching during the civil rights movement to teach a lone black girl, Ruby Bridges, in the William Frantz Elementary School in New Orleans.  She shared with all students that every parent removed their children from class and kept them home, while Mrs. Henry taught Ruby Bridges all year alone in a first-grade classroom.  Her story is memorable and inspiring and a story that gives us hope for a better tomorrow. Please see the video link below.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs. Evans


 Click here to listen as Mrs. Henry shares her experience teaching Ruby Bridges.  









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