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May 15, 2018


Dear Sheehan Parents,


As you know, placing students into classrooms for the upcoming school year is a complex and important process.  It involves a considerable amount of time and energy on the part of many people. We review a wide range of information about each student, including academic, social, and personal development. That information, along with input from parents, specialists, and previous year’s teachers, is incorporated into the decision making process. Our primary goal with class placement is always to create balanced classrooms in which each child continues to learn and grow.


Due to the complexity of the class placement process and the significant time it takes, please know that once assignments have been made, they are final.  Changing one student's placement after the classes are finalized can create a ripple effect that can undermine the process and negatively impact the balance of the entire grade.  All of Sheehan’s teachers provide students with wonderful learning opportunities and our curriculum standards are consistent across the grade level, as well as across the district.  All students have access to a variety of supports and enrichment activities regardless of their class assignment.  We strive to ensure excellent learning outcomes for each and every student. 


In past years, students entering Grades 1-5 have received their class placement assignments with their June report cards.  However, we have often found that new students, at every grade level, continue to register throughout the summer.  Due to the potential for summer enrollment impacting class placement, students’ class placement assignments will now be sent home in mid to late August.  Thank you for your input, support, and flexibility as we work to plan for another successful school year.  Please contact me if you should have any questions.




Kristen Evans

















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Lunch Menu

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We have a very simple way for you to sign up to volunteer in the Sheehan lunchroom this year! Please click here to volunteer.  This link will bring to "signupgenius".  Once there, you can choose which day you would like to come into volunteer.  Once you click on the day, just go to the bottom of the page and click "submit and sign up".  If you'd like to volunteer only during your child's lunch time, that is perfectly fine!  Next to the day you volunteered, just put in a note in the "My Comment" column. We look forward to seeing you.






Calling All Volunteers for the 2017-2018 School Year

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5th Grade Fundraiser - Soccer Chairs For Sale

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