To report a positive COVID-19 case  please click on the following  confidential reporting form.


DESE New COVID Testing Options to Optimize In-Person Learning

Please review the DESE/DPH Memo for extensive details provided by the State

  • Participating districts and schools that select this option will discontinue individual contact tracing and Test and Stay.
  • Districts and schools electing to make this change will be provided with rapid antigen at-home tests for participating staff and students that can be used on a weekly basis. Participating staff and students must opt-in to receive these tests. 
  • The updated options will remain in place from January 31 to April 22. DESE and EOHHS/DPH will determine if any updates to the program are needed beyond April 22 and will provide you with any updated information throughout the early spring.

NOTE: This new option is only available to districts and schools that continue symptomatic and/or pooled testing.


Distribution of At-Home Rapid Antigen Tests

  • Participating staff and students will receive one kit every two weeks so that they can test themselves weekly.
  • Districts and schools should maximize the use of the at-home tests by determining which day of the week they recommend participating staff and students take the tests. At home tests for Westwood Public Schools should be conducted on Monday Mornings  (or Sunday night) prior to entering school on Monday Morning. 

Results of At-Home Rapid Antigen Tests

  • Staff and students are not required to provide proof of negative results. 
  • When an individual tests positive on an at-home antigen test, they will be asked to inform their school via the Confidential Intake Form of the positive result and quarantine at home.
  • Parents/guardians should also contact their child’s pediatrician if they test positive.

For more information on this testing program, please review this DESE/DPH Memo.


Resources on COVID-19 Testing:

CDC Guidance on Fully Vaccinated Individuals

MA DOE DESE COVID Testing Website 

DESE COVID-19 Protocol Flowcharts

CIC Health FAQs

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