Mathematics relates to concepts about quantity and logical/spatial relationships. Most math activities are embedded within the daily routine rather than taught during a specific “math time”. Mathematical thinking is also incorporated during Meeting Time through the use of the calendar, graphing and comparisons and during block play, dramatic play, snack, and outdoor play. Many connections are also made when engaged in rhythmic music activities and many language activities such as sequencing. Preschoolers build their understanding of basic number concepts in addition to learning about physical attributes like shape and size. Below are some of the state Common Core Standards addressed in math:

Number Sense and Operations

  • Counting and recognizing numbers 0-10 in a meaningful context
  • Counts using one-to-one correspondence and tells the number of objects in a set
  • Matches and counts quantities up to ten with numbers
  • Use mathematic language vocabulary and concept more/less and equal to
  • describe collections of objects (sets)
  • Sequence pictures and events
  • Patterns & Relations
  •  Uses concrete objects to model real work addition and subtraction
  • problems up to five
  • Extend simple patterns



  • Identify and constructs the square, circle, triangle, and rectangle
  • Describes positions of objects using appropriate language (e.g., beside, inside,next to, close to, above, below, apart)
  • Creates and represents 3-D shapes (e.g. ball/sphere, square/box/cube)



  •  Recognizes attributes of length using appropriate vocabulary(e.g. long, short,tall, heavy, light, big, small)
  •  Compares attributes of length and weight of two objects using appropriate language
  • (e.g. Longer/shorter, heavier/lighter, more/less)


Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability

  •  Sorts and categories and classifies objects by more than one attribute
  •  Identifies appropriate objects as coins and that coins and dollars represent money
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