Q: Is my child eligible for kindergarten?

A: To be eligible to attend kindergarten in Fall 2018, your child must be five-years-old on or before September 1, 2018.


Q: What school will my child attend?

A: Your child's school assignment will appear once you have entered your street address and house number on the online registration form. School assignments are based upon District policy.


Q: What options do I have for sending my child to kindergarten?

A: The Westwood Public Schools offers both a half-day and a full-day kindergarten program.


Q: Once I have decided which program I would like to send my child to, how do I register?

A: The registration process begins online. Please select the registration button to begin the process.


Q: Is there a cost associated with either the half-day or full-day program?

A: Yes, families will be invoiced for full-day tuition. There is no cost associated with the half-day program.


*Full or partial fee waivers will be considered for families who have a verified financial need, are free and reduced lunch students, or for children repeating kindergarten. If this applies to you or your child, please contact John Cianciarulo at to submit a request for a financial waiver or payment plan.


Q: Is there discounted tuition for siblings attending full-day kindergarten in the same year?

A: Yes. The policy of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education stipulates that "Districts must offer families a discounted tuition for siblings attending full-day kindergarten in the same year" as follows:

  • The family pays the full assessed tuition for the first child, using the sliding fee scale;
  • The family pays half of the assessed tuition for the second child, using the sliding fee scale;
  • The family pays one-quarter of the assessed tuition for the third child, using the sliding fee scale.


Q: My child current has an IEP in Preschool. Will he/she automatically receive a full-day IEP in kindergarten?

A: No. Whether a child requires a full-day kindergarten program or not is based on a TEAM decision.



Q: What information will I need to register my child online?

A: We suggest that you gather the necessary information prior to going online. In addition to the student's name, address, parent name(s) and address, you will need the following information to complete the registration.

  • Parent/guardian phone numbers, including home, cell, and work
  • Parent/guardian email address
  • At least two alternate emergency contacts (in addition to parent information), including name and phone number
  • Pediatrician's name, address, and phone number
  • Dentist's name, address, and phone number
  • Student's medical history*


*Please note that if you prefer not to including your child's medical history on the online registration form, then please use a paper form that you can complete and return to your neighborhood school with other required documents.


Q: Is the registration process complete once I complete the online form?

A: No. You will need to bring the following required documents to your neighborhood elementary school between 8:45am and 3:30pm prior to Friday, March 9, 2018:


Q: What is the final step in the registration process?

A: If you choose the full-day program, you will receive an invoice.

Q: Are there any other important dates I need to know about?

A: Yes.

Incoming Kindergarten Parent Information Night—Week of May 21, 2018

Parents of incoming students are invited to attend a presentation by the kindergarten teachers, school nurse, PTO/PTA (Parent-Teacher Organization/Association) president, and school principal. You will learn about the school’s core values and culture, daily life in kindergarten classrooms, and how to get involved in the school’s PTO/PTA.  Nuts and bolts information about state-mandated screenings and immunizations will be shared as well, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions. 


Open House—Wednesday, May 23, 2018, 1pm-3pm

At this special event, you and your child will meet school staff, your child’s classmates, and their parents. If possible, please leave younger siblings at home to make this a special time for you and your kindergarten child.


Mandated Screenings—Week of June 4, 2018

All incoming kindergarteners participate in state-mandated assessments of visual, auditory, motor, and language skills; and of their vision and hearing functions. Children are screened in small groups by a classroom teacher or by another qualified staff member. The process only takes about twenty minutes, and most children really enjoy the experience


          Wheels on the Bus—Monday, June 11 and Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Led by Westwood’s School Resource Police Officer Brad Pindel, this information session gives students the chance to board a real school bus and learn about safe bus behavior.  No pre-registration is required. Parents and their kindergartners can choose to attend either an evening session on Monday, June 11 at 6:00pm at Downey School or a morning session on Tuesday, June 12 at 10:00am at Martha Jones School


Q: I may need before or after-school coverage. How do I receive information on the before and after-school programs?

A: Please contact Janice Van Hyning, Extended Day Program Coordinator, at 781-326-7500, x7531 or for information on the Westwood Public Schools Extended Day Program.


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