The Westwood Public Schools has an ongoing curriculum review and development cycle. Through this process, curriculum review committees comprised of teachers, administrators, and parents review our curriculum, research best practices in other schools, review educational literature, and examine learning standards in order to make recommendations for program improvement.  Teams of teachers then work during department meeting times and during the summer curriculum development process to implement the recommendations and design curriculum.  During the 2019-2020 school year, teams are reviewing the Social Studies and Wellness curriculum areas.


Click on the links below to view reports from recent curriculum reviews:

World Language Curriculum Review Report (coming in June 2024!)

Digital Literacy & Computer Science and Library Programs Joint Review (January 2024)

Wellness Curriculum Review Report (June 2023)

Mathematics Curriculum Review Report (May 2023)

Social Studies Curriculum Review Report (May 2022)

English Language Arts & Literacy Review (January 2020)

Social Emotional Learning Review  (February 2019)

Science, Technology and Engineering Curriculum Review Report (May 2016)

Performing Arts Curriculum Review Report (April 2013)

Art Curriculum Review Report (June 2012)


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