Creation of the Search Committee


In December 2022, the Westwood School Committee began the process of hiring a new Superintendent.


In January 2023, the School Committee engaged James Hardy, Field Director for the Massachusetts Association of School Committees (MASC), to serve as an independent consultant to assist with the recruiting process. Mr. Hardy has been a member of the MASC staff for over twenty-five years and has been lead consultant on more than five dozen superintendent searches. 

Search Committee:

In communications to both District parents/guardians and District faculty and staff, the School Committee sought out community representatives to serve on the Superintendent Search Committee, which would screen applications, conduct initial interviews, and recommend several candidates to the School Committee as finalists. The members of the Search Committee are as follows:

Tony Mullin, Co-Chair -- Member, School Committee 

Maya Plotkin, Co-Chair  -- Member, School Committee 

Rob Gotti -- Westwood Select Board 

Lateefah Franck -- Director of Equity, Integration & Community Partnerships 

Amy Davenport -- Principal, Westwood High School

Kristen Evans -- Principal, Sheehan School

Tien-lih Chen -- Teacher, Deerfield School

Justyne Collier - Teacher, Thurston Middle School

Alison Donahue -- Teacher, Westwood High School

Emily Kessel -- Teacher, Hanlon School

Orla Averill -- Parent

Theresa Laham -- Parent

Brian Regan -- Parent

Liz Volpe -- Parent

Riley Harrington -- WHS Student


2023 Timeline

March 1 -- Applications due

Week of March 6 -- Semi Finalists selected

Week of March 13 -- Semi Finalist interviews/finalists selected by Search Committee

Week of March 20 -- Finalist interviews with School Committee and community site visits

Week of March 27 -- New superintendent selected

July 1 -- Start date for new superintendent




2023-3-24 Superintendent Search Committee Update

2023-3-22 Superintendent Search Committee Update

2023-3-20 Superintendent Search Committee Update

2023-1-11 Superintendent Search Committee Update

2022-12-19 Superintendent Search Committee Update


Meeting Postings


2023-3-7 Meeting (Minutes)

2023-3-13 Meeting (Minutes)

2023-3-14 Meeting (Minutes)

2023-3-15 Meeting (Minutes)

2023-3-16 Meeting (Minutes)

2023-3-17 Meeting (if needed) (Minutes)

2023-3-22 Interview

2023-3-23 Interview

2023-3-24 Interview

2023-3-27 Deliberation Link to livestream




Ian P. Kelly, Ed.D., Interim Superintendent, Dedham Public Schools 

Rebecca H. Kidwell, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment, & Professional Development, Rockland Public Schools 

Timothy P. Piwowar, Superintendent, Billerica Public Schools


Community Forum Live Streams


Timothy Piwowar

Rebecca Kidwell

Ian Kelly


Candidate Interviews with School Committee


Ian Kelly

Rebecca Kidwell

Timothy Piwowar




If you have any questions, please reach out to Harley Pease, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent at .



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