The Guidance Department at Thurston Middle School provides many services to both parents and students. Our main objective is to advocate for student needs as well as facilitate communication between home and school.

Why Middle School Counselors?

Among many other roles, guidance counselors at TMS:

  • Provide Individual Counseling around Academic, Social and Career issues
  • Provide Group Counseling structured to meet the needs of particular students, group(s) or the community at large
  • Consult weekly with Academic and Arts Teams to support student needs
  • Complete Private School Applications and Recommendations
  • Provide student and administrative support around MCAS testing
  • Chair Section 504 Plan Meetings
  • Attend IEP Initial Evaluation Meetings for all students
  • Provide Referrals and Resources for Family Systems Issues
  • Coordinate Grade 5/6 and 8/9 Transition Process

Guidance Department Staff

Nick Pfeifer, Student Services Department Head

(781) 326-7500 x2330


Megan White, Guidance Counselor (Grade 6)

(781) 326-7500 x2316


Jamie Russo, Guidance Counselor (Grade 7)

(781) 326-7500 x2222

Austin Bushey, Guidance Counselor (Grade 8)

(781) 326-7500 x2312

Kim Tula, Adjustment Counselor

(781) 326-7500 x2331


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