The Westwood Public Schools has a student population of approximately 3,000. The system includes an integrated preschool, five K-5 elementary schools, one middle school for grades 6-8, and one high school for grades 9-12. In addition to a comprehensive academic program, there is an extensive extracurricular program which includes inter and intra-scholastic athletic teams, clubs and student publications. All staff is encouraged to participate in the life of the school outside of the classroom.

Archived stories are available in the Newsroom Archive.

Westwood's Hanlon School Celebrates "Friendship Week"
Transcript and Bulletin, November 20, 2019

Hanlon Elementary School students proved the power of community and lending a helping hand during Friendship Week from Nov. 12-15. It was celebrated with a variety of activities geared towards encouraging kids to “step out of their comfort zones and make new friends.” This included friendship tips, classroom activities and a “friendship wall” where students left notes of encouragement and friendship.

It Is a Busy Fall for WHS Student Council
Westwood Patch, October 25, 2019

Westwood High School's Student Council is preparing for a very busy couple of months. Preschool Trick or Treating, a Halloween Candy Drive for the troops, a coat drive with the Norfolk County Sheriff's office, Spirit Week, and Homecoming are all in the next two months.

2008 Westwood Grad Talks to Westwood High Students
Article published in the Transcript & Bulletin, October 21, 2019

Since graduating from Westwood High School in 2008, Alex Frank has built an illustrious athletic and academic career. First, she played NCAA Division 1 lacrosse at Northwestern University, where she helped her team win three national titles. Then she moved into coaching, with stints at stints at Boston College and the University of Colorado. Now she is coaching in the Ivy League at Dartmouth College. So, it was fitting that she would return to Westwood as keynote speaker for the high school’s annual “Call to Excellence” celebration.


SIPP Kicks Off 6th Year in Westwood
Article published in the Transcript and Bulletin, October 21, 2019

High school students often ask if they’ll ever use what they’re learning in class once they’re out in the real world.  Westwood High School’s Senior Independent Project Program (SIPP) is designed to ensure they do. Since its inception in 2013, SIPP has been offered to students who are looking for relevant experiences during their senior year.

Westwood Unveils New Parent Dashboard for Student Computers
Article published in the Transcript and Bulletin, October 21, 2019

Parents in Westwood now have a new tool to make sure children are using their school-issued computers appropriately. The new program uses artificial intelligence to create new safeguards for students.

Ambition is in the Spotlight for WHS Fall Play
Article published in the Hometown Weekly, October 17, 2019

Westwood High School is presenting the play “Argonautika, written by Mary Zimmerman and adapted from the Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts. It tells the story of Jason who is sent by his uncle to find the “golden fleece” taken from a winged ram. He does this based on promise that, if successful, he’ll get to be king.

Boston Globe logoChampionship Culture: Westwood Continues to Build Toward Long-Term Success
The Boston Globe, October 10, 2019

In a town well known for its vaunted girls’ lacrosse program, it would be easy for field hockey to serve a simple purpose: offseason conditioning for those student-athletes at Westwood High who anxiously await the upcoming spring.

That is what Heather Joyce discovered when she took over the Westwood field hockey program in 2016. The Wolverines had not qualified for the MIAA tournament since 2013 — when the ninth-seeded field hockey squad exited in the first round.

Westwood logoWestwood Elementary School Receives National Honor: Downey Elementary Named National Blue Ribbon School
News Release, September 26, 2019

The U.S. Department of Education today named Westwood’s Downey Elementary School a National Blue Ribbon Schoolfor 2019, joining 361 other schools from around the nation. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos made the announcement this afternoon. Schools are awarded a National Blue Ribbon based on overall academic performance or progress in closing achievement gaps among student subgroups.

Digital Citizenship Helps Students Navigate Our Interconnected World
Article published in the Transcript & Bulletin, September 16, 2019
Article published in the Hometown Weekly, October 4, 2019

Give children a computer and the world is at their fingertips, but with that access comes a host of potential pitfalls.  How do they learn to manage their time? How do they identify fact from fiction when searching Google for information? When Westwood Public Schools gave each of their high school students a computer five years ago, the district also gave them something invaluable – a seminar called Digital Citizenship.  

District Announces New Preschool Director
Article published in the Transcript & Bulletin, September 16, 2019
Article published in the Hometown Weekly, September 22, 2019

Lisa Freedman started her career at the Westwood Public Schools 20 years ago. This fall, she takes over as Director of the Integrated Preschool, replacing longtime director Aprile Albertelli who retired at the end of the last school year. Freedman came to Westwood High School in 1999, and for the past two years, has been in charge of Special Education at both the Downey and Sheehan elementary schools.

Westwood Adopts New Social Studies Curriculum
Article published in the Transcript & Bulletin, September 16, 2019
Article published in the Hometown Weekly, September 27, 2019

They say you can’t rewrite history, but in Westwood the school department is reworking its entire social studies curriculum to comply with new state education standards. Teachers at every grade level worked over the summer to ensure the material they present this school year meets the new requirements.

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