02/25/16Library's Gift Book Program

Hanlon Gift Book Program

The Hanlon Gift Book Program, sponsored by the Hanlon PTO, has added many wonderful books to the school library. The Hanlon Gift Book Program is a great way to honor your child’s birthday. We also welcome donations for other family celebrations, to honor teachers, or to remember someone special. The gift book program is an exciting way for your child to make a contribution to the school community. Your child will have the opportunity to choose a book from a special collection with Ms. Silverstein.  His/her name will be permanently placed on a colorful label on the inside cover of the book, and your child will be the first one to check out the book. The book will then be added to the library’s collection for the entire school to use.

The cost of sponsoring a book is $15.00. Orders for the entire year will be accepted. If you would like your child to participate, please complete the form (linked here) and send it in with payment – check made out to Hanlon PTO.

If you have any questions about the gift book program, please contact Ms. Silverstein: bsilverstein@westwood.k12.ma.us. Thank you for your support.


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