In order to meet its mission, you PTO relies on active family participation. There are a wide variety of ways to get involved including:


  • Volunteering for 1-2 hours at an event such as Family Picnics, the Holiday Gift Shop, the STEAM Fair, Art Night and Field Day
  • Serving as a committee member or chairperson
  • Serving on the PTO Board


To help you find a good fit for you and your busy schedule, we've compiled descriptions of the various committees, as well as Board positions.

Volunteer and meet the families of your child's schoolmates!
Concerned about over-committing? Job-share with a friend or spouse!


1-Time Volunteer Opportunities

To see current 1-time volunteer opportunities, many with shifts as short as 1 hour, click the button below:

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Many committee positions involve work done in the evening or by email or phone, while others involve mostly volunteering on-site with your child's classmates. Time commitments vary from short-term committee positions where the work all happens in a 4-6 week timeframe (such as planning the SCRIP Fundraiser) to ongoing positions (such as Enrichment) which may entail an hour or two each month across the school year. Click here for a complete listing including descriptions of Deerfield PTO Committees.


To see up-to-date info on current openings, click the button below:

Link to Sign Up website


Executive Board

Our current board has been filled.


2018-19 PTO Board Members


Co-Chair (2017-19)  Carolyn Aeschliman
Co-Chair (2018-20)  Jennifer Levering
Treasurer  Ada Penabaz
Communications Secretary (2018-19)  Julie Wallace
Recording Secretary (2018-20)  Erin Welby
Volunteer Coordinator  Kerry Capodilupo
SEPAC Representative  Kelly Anderson


The Board of Directors provides the leadership and management to ensure that the PTO consistently achieves its goals and that it remains financially solvent. The Board of Directors is comprised of parent volunteers in the following positions:

  • 2 Co-Chairs (First and Second-Year Chair)
  • 1 Treasurer (plus an Treasurer-in-Training as necessary)
  • 2 Secretaries (Communications & Recording)
  • 2 Volunteer Coordinators (Lead & Assistant)

Members of the Board of Directors serve a two-year term with the terms of volunteers in each function overlapping by 1 year. For example, in any given year, the board will have one Chair in the second year of his/her tenure and another in his/her first year. Terms run July 1-June 30.


For a full description of the Executive Board including specific job descriptions, please click here.  If you have more questions feel free to reach out to a current member of the board. We hope that many members of the Deerfield community will consider being part of this rewarding experience.



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