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In order to meet its mission, your PTO relies on active family participation.  There are a wide variety of ways to get involved from serving as a committee member or chair, as a PTO Parent Representative or on the PTO Board.  We also have many 1-2 hour volunteer opportunities at events such as The Holiday Gift Shop, The Science Fair, Art Night, and Field Day.  See 1-time volunteer opportunities here.



Executive Board

We are currently seeking nominees to fill four board positions that will open up as of 6/30/2017.  To nominate someone you think would be great (including yourself!), speak to one of your parent reps or a board member.  You can also click the button below to submit your nomination online.  We will confirm with all nominees that they are prepared to serve before adding them to the slate of candidates.  New board members will be voted into office at the May meeting.


Co-Chair (2016-18) Stacey Theofilou
Co-Chair (2017-19)  
Treasurer Liza Gerber
Tax Treasurer Maureen Preskenis
Secretary (2017-19)  
Secretary (2018-20)  
Volunteer Coordinator (2016-18) Treacy Kiley
Volunteer Coordinator (2017-19)  


The Board of Directors provides the leadership and management to ensure that the PTO consistently achieves its goals and that it remains financially solvent. The Board of Directors is comprised of parent volunteers in the following positions:


  • 2 Co-Chairs (First and Second-Year Chair)
  • 1 Treasurer (plus an Treasurer-in-Training as necessary)
  • 2 Secretaries (Communications & Recording)
  • 2 Volunteer Coordinators (Lead & Assistant)

Members of the Board of Directors serve a two-year term with the terms of volunteers in each function overlapping by 1 year.  For example, in any given year, the board will have one Chair in the second year of his/her tenure and another in his/her first year.  Terms run July 1-June 30.


For a full description of the Executive Board including specific job descriptions, please click here.  If you have more questions feel free to reach out to a current member of the board or one of your parent reps.  We hope that many members of the Deerfield community will consider being part of this rewarding experience.




Many positions involve work done in the evening or by email or phone, while others involve mostly volunteering on-site with your child’s classmates.  Time commitments vary from 1-time commitments of just an hour or two to short term committee positions where the work all happens in a 4-6 week timeframe to ongoing positions such as parent reps which may entail an hour or two each month.


To help you find a good fit for you and your busy schedule, we’ve included below descriptions of the various committees, Parent Representative positions, as well as board positions.  


Click here for a complete listing of Deerfield PTO Committees.  


Volunteer and meet the families of your child’s schoolmates!  

Concerned about over-committing?  Job-share with a friend or spouse!


Ready to volunteer?


Volunteering is easy.  Your PTO has created a page on where all Deerfield volunteer opportunities will appear.  As new volunteer opportunities open up, they will be added to this page.



Parent Representatives

Starting in the Fall of 2016, each grade level at Deerfield will have a Parent Representative to the PTO.  The goal of this position is to help improve communication and broaden family involvement.  To this end, Parent Reps will:


  • Attend PTO Meetings (4 per year)
  • Facilitate communication between the PTO and Parents
  • Help organize parent volunteers for PTO events, including grade specific enrichment events such as author or museum visits
  • Serve on at least one committee (e.g. Deerfield Directory, Art Night, Science Fair, etc)

Have a question about a volunteer opportunity?  

Email us at

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