04/24/17Week of April 24th

Happy Birthday to You


We wish a Happy Birthday to the following students who celebrated their birthdays during the vacation week or are celebrating their birthdays this week at the Deerfield School:


Maisie Crummet
Miya Peri
Sreemayi Reddy
Rachel Qu
Cora Rossi
Allison Martin
Luca Thunberg


Red Sox Spirit Day on Tuesday, April 25th

The following message is from the Deerfield Student Council:

Tuesday, April 25th is Red Sox Day at the Deerfield School. Students and staff members are encouraged to wear their Red Sox gear to show support as the Red Sox begin their first series against the New York Yankees. If you do not have any Red Sox gear, you can show your school spirit by wearing the Red Sox colors of red and blue. Please make sure all Red Sox gear is appropriate for school and does not pose a safety concern or distraction to classroom learning. Thank you. Go Red Sox!


Early-Release Day on Wednesday, April 26th

Wednesday, April 26th will be an early-release day for students. Students will be dismissed at 11:25am and lunch will not be served in school.


Parenting and Technology

On Tuesday, May 2nd, we will hold an evening event for parents at the Deerfield school. The event will be held in the Deerfield gymnasium beginning at 7:00pm. The topic of the event will be Parenting and Technology, with a focus on the following sub-topics:

  • The benefits and concerns of technology

  • The impact of technology on children and adults

  • Popular Apps

  • How best to manage your child’s device(s)

  • Tools that can help protect our children the most


This important event will be facilitated by Deerfield parents, Carmel Sterling and Mandana Namiranian. The purpose of this event is to help parents gain a better understanding of how children are using technology and tools to help us manage it. We hope you can join us.

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