04/30/18Week of April 30th

Happy Birthday to You


We wish a Happy Birthday to the following students and staff members who celebrated their birthdays last week or are celebrating their birthdays this week at the Deerfield school:

Sreemayi Reddy
Cora Rossi
Allison Martin
Luca Thunberg
James Brunson
Ty Pindel
Justin Li
Graham Williamson


Mr. Armstrong



Deerfield Twitter Account

I have created a Twitter account for the Deerfield school (@deerfield_ps). I hope this will be another way to offer a glimpse into the day-to-day workings of our school community. 


I am relatively new to Twitter (meaning, I am old and technology scares me!). I am going to try to send out approximately one Tweet a day during the week. Right now, I am not planning to include student photos in any of my Tweets. However, that may change as the account evolves.


Please feel free to contact me directly (not via Twitter) with any questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding this form of communication.



Red Sox Spirit Day on Friday, May 4th

This Friday, May 4th is Red Sox Day at the Deerfield School. Students and staff members are encouraged to wear their Red Sox gear to show support to the home team and to help us welcome in the warmer spring weather. If you do not have any Red Sox gear, you can show your school spirit by wearing the Red Sox colors of red and blue. Please make sure all Red Sox gear is appropriate for school and does not pose a safety concern or distraction to classroom learning. Thank you. Go Red Sox!



Babson Soccer Clinics on Friday, May 4th

On this Friday, May 4th, members of the Babson College Men's Soccer Team will join us at the Deerfield school. They will stay for all three of our recess periods and lead small-sided soccer games with any student who wishes to participate. 


Thank you so much to Mr. and Mrs. McHugh, parents of Deerfield second-grader Will McHugh, for arranging this special recess event for our students. Thank you so much to Will for once again sharing his teammates with us and reminding us of the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship.



Upcoming SEPAC Event (flyer)

Please read the attached flyer regarding an upcoming event hosted by the Westwood SEPAC. The event is entitled The Neuropsychological Evaluation. Dania Gaffin, Ph.D., will present at this event.


The event will be held in the WPS District Administration Professional Development Room on Wednesday, May 16th at 6:30pm.



Jump Rope for Heart: Donating Recess Materials

The Deerfield Student Council is proud to present a new partnership between the Boston Public Schools, the Deerfield School, and the American Heart Association. Vanessa McGunnigle, our American Heart Association representative, has matched the Deerfield school with an anonymous Boston Public School. The students in this school will benefit greatly from donations of clothing and recess equipment.  The Deerfield Student Council is asking students to consider donating their JRFH “Thank You Gifts” of Jump Ropes, T-shirts, and playground balls to this school.


Our PE teacher, Ms. Wine, has placed a donation box (actually, it's a plastic swimming pool) in the main lobby of the Deerfield school. Students interested in donating items may leave them in the pool.


Donating to the American Heart Association for the JRFH fundraiser and/or donating “Thank you gifts” to the Boston Public Schools is entirely optional and is a decision that should be made within your family and with your child(ren).




Lost and Found

We have accumulated a large collection of items in our Lost and Found, including many sweatshirts. Please ask your child to check the Lost and Found for their missing clothing and/or please check the Lost and Found when you are at Deerfield.


We have also been contacted by the Westwood Town Library about several items students have left there, as well. All “lost” items at the library will be available for pick-up at the Main Library between Monday, April 30 – Saturday, May 5th. After May 5th, any remaining unclaimed items will be donated.  

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