07/20/15Week of August 24th

Summer Cleaning and Building Updates

The custodial staff for the district has been working extremely hard to get our school ready for the start of school. The floors have been waxed, the carpets have been shampooed, and several repairs have been made. In addition, we have installed a new intercom system throughout the school. This system will greatly improve our ability to make school-wide announcements, as needed, during the school day.


Staffing Updates

Our Resource Room Teacher, Ashley Whitney, has accepted a position in another district and will not be returning to Deerfield this fall. I am grateful to Ashley for her time at Deerfield and wish her well in her new position. Jennifer Fuller will be Deerfield’s new Resource Room Teacher. Jennifer is dual-certified in Special Education and General Education and comes to us from the Foxborough Public Schools district.


Our Art Teacher, Robert Worth, has accepted a new position at Thurston Middle School and will not be returning to Deerfield this fall. Robert added so much skill and creativity work to our school and I wish him well with his new teaching adventure. Carla Goodwin will be the new Art Teacher working at both Deerfield and Hanlon. She will teach at Deerfield on Mondays, Tuesday mornings, and Fridays. Julianne Strom will continue to teach the art classes on Thursdays.


We have several new staff members joining our Focus program this year. Our ABA Tutor, Andrea Nichols, will be working at the Downey School this year. I wish her well and look forward to seeing her around the district. Brian Russell will be our new ABA Tutor. In addition, Deborah Gilman and Lauren Allen will join our exceptional team of Instructional Assistants. Finally, Alexis Bralow will be joining the Focus program as a Lesley University Intern for the entire school year.


I know you will join me in welcoming these new staff members to the Deerfield community.

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