The Deerfield Elementary School PTO is comprised of all parents and staff members of the Deerfield School. The mission of our PTO is to support teaching and learning at the Deerfield School. We provide programs and events that strengthen, enhance and encourage the educational and social environment of Deerfield Elementary School.


Your Deerfield Parent Teacher Organization has two main goals:

  1. Enrich the Education Experience
    • Support grade-specific and school-wide enrichment programs that build upon the school curriculum.
    • Offer after-school Mini Course Programs to engage students in learning opportunities that may be beyond the traditional school curriculum.
    • Sponsor & provide school-wide events for students such as Art Night, Science Fair, Math League, and the School Play that reinforce and integrate with school curriculum.
    • Fund school bus transportation for all Deerfield Field Trips.
  2.  Encourage a Spirit of Community
    • Provide a forum for families, administration and educators to collaborate.
    • Organize events throughout the year for us to come together, have a good time, and raise funds.

PTO activities are funded by your PTO dues as well as fundraising events and activities. For more information on how we fund our programs and how to support your PTO, visit our Support Your PTO page.                        


Questions? Email us at DeerfieldPTO@westwood.k12.ma.us.



Your PTO Meeting Dates 2018-19--All Evening Dates!

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Wednesday, November 13 7:00 pm      
Wednesday, December 5 (cancelled) 7:00 pm
Wednesday, March 28 7:00 pm
Wednesday, May 29 7:00 pm


All meetings take place in the Deerfield Cafeteria or Gym.

Attendees are invited to meet up to socialize following the meeting.

2018-19 PTO Board Members

Co-Chair (2017-19)  Carolyn Aeschliman
Co-Chair (2018-20)  Jennifer Levering
Treasurer  Ada Penabaz
Communications Secretary (2018-19)  Julie Wallace
Recording Secretary (2018-20)  Erin Welby
Volunteer Coordinator  Kerry Capodilupo
SEPAC Representative  Kelly Anderson

Join the Deerfield PTO Facebook Group for the latest updates from the PTO. This is a closed group only for the Deerfield School Community.

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