The Town of Westwood is committed to the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This commitment was articulated in a joint statement of the Westwood Select Board and the Westwood Human Rights Task Force. The Westwood School Committee, the WPS Administration, and WPS students participated in the development of the statement as participants on the task force, and once issued, the statement was endorsed by the full Westwood School Committee and the WPS Administrative Council, led by the Superintendent. The statement reads in part:

The Town of Westwood strives to be, for all residents and community members, a safe place where one is free from discrimination and able to grow into the best, most authentic version of oneself, and where we are committed to continuously learning and evolving through our connections to and mutual respect for each other and our community.  

In the WPS, we celebrate the diverse backgrounds and identities inside our schools and in the broader community and develop programs, resources, and services that help everyone learn, grow, and feel that they belong. Though we believe that equity work is everyone's work, the WPS Department of Equity, Integration, and Community Partnerships provides focus and coherence for our efforts around educational equity and helps students, families, and faculty to access what the district has to offer. 

We believe that equity work is embedded in every aspect of the school district. We pay particular attention to these four areas:


Curriculum and instruction: All students are supported in attaining important skills and achieving rigorous outcomes. Students see their cultures and identities in what they learn, and also learn about and value others’ cultures and identities.

Culture and climate: Every school building fosters a caring learning environment where people can be themselves.

Talent recruitment, retention, and development: Educators and staff are highly-skilled and culturally competent. Staff reflects the diversity of the broader world and represents the backgrounds of our community. Staff builds the skills they need to help students excel and to thrive in their workplace.  

Family and community partnerships: The diverse institutions, opportunities, and resources within Westwood and the surrounding area are connected to our schools to spark curiosity, expand horizons, and bring communities together.













If you would like to reach the Westwood Public Schools Office of Equity, Integration, and Community Partnerships, you are welcome to contact:


Director of Equity, Integration, and Community Partnerships

Lateefah R. Franck

781. 326. 7500 ext. 3368


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