Leaps and Bounds

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                      Leaps and Bounds
 Issue Number 8, October 23, 2009
Westwood Public Schools does notdiscriminate on the basis of age,
 race, color, sex, religion, disability,national origin or sexual orientation
Message from the Principal
Dear Parent,
One indicator of the adult stress in any school is the level of the candy bowl in the principal's office. Despite frequent refills, mine has been significantly low lately. Whether it's the first snowflakes and darker days, upcoming conferences, or the challenge of meeting the needs of 20-24 students with a range of temperaments, skills, and abilities - teachers are feeling the pinch. At home you may be feeling similar pressures that come with fall activities, homework to finish, competing needs to balance. So what helps?
A recent visit to my auto mechanic was an unlikely source of perspective. This quote was pinned to the bulletin board in the mechanic's waiting room.  Death is nature's way of telling you to slow down.
Humor aside, I don't think the quote suggests putting life's demands on hold - that's not possible anyhow. Rather, I take the words as a reminder to prioritize. Figure out the essentials - whether it's the critical skills and concepts to be learned in the classroom, or the non-negotiables at home. It's also a reminder not to take ourselves too seriously. There's no contest to see how much we "get done."  What does matter though is the spirit in which we raise and teach our children.
The pace at Martha Jones has picked up. Routines are in place, teachers and students are immersed in the rich and challenging curriculum. This is also the time to be mindful of the daily pace and to become more thoughtful and deliberate in all parts of our lives. My pledge is also to keep that candy bowl full - we all need a treat - whatever the stress level.
            Hope to see you at the Halloween Fair tonight.
            Peggy Scott
School Calendar for October
Grade 5 Winter Concert -  2:00 PM
October 23 - MJ Family Night - Halloween Fair 6-8 p.m. - DONATE CAN GOODS & HALLOWEEN COSTUMES
October 28  - MJ School Site Council 3:15 p.m.
October 28 - Joanie Geltman, Guest Speaker WHS Auditorium
October 30 - Box Tops for education due (lobby)
Looking Ahead
November 19 - MJ Marketplace 6-9 p.m. 
December 23 -
 Martha Jones News 
Please send a note to the classroom teacher on any day that your child's dismissal plans change. Teachers are not supposed to let anyone go home differently without a note. This is a safety issue as we try to keep all our students safe. Thank you for your help!
Thank you to all parents who are volunteering this year - whether in the Library, copying room, or Dining Room. Your help is appreciated! Please remember that it is essential that you set up a time in advance if you want to meet with a teacher or visit a classroom. Even a quick "pop-in" should be planned ahead of time. During
the school day teachers' attention is devoted to the work in classrooms. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
PTO News 
October 23, 6-8 p.m.
The event of the season is here! Thank you to all of our volunteers who signed up! Keep an eye on your email for your assignment.
The Martha Jones Halloween Party is a family-friendly event that includes a Moonwalk, Games, Crafts, Treats of all kinds, Tattoos and Face Painting, a DJ Dance Party and of course the famous Haunted Hallway promising more fun, more surprises and more terror! To keep it fun, we'd like to remind you that all scheduled activities take place inside. Children should be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times. Please, no weapons, guns or dangerous costume props. Drive carefully and park on only one side of the street and in designated areas. Bring a flashlight.
The event starts at 6 p.m. and the Haunted Hallway opens at 6:30 p.m.-- be there if you dare!!
  Don't forget your admission for the Halloween Party: a canned or non-perishable food item.  Also, the costume drive has been extended to Friday so don't forget to bring your old costumes with you to the party!! 
will be on sale at the halloween party
$ 5.00 White MJS shirts
$ 10.00 T-shirts, Shorts
$ 20.00 Towels
$ 20.00 Kid Flannel Pant
$ 15.00 Adult Flannel Pant  
There will be samples of new merchandise but payment is needed in advance... DON'T FORGET YOUR CHECKBOOKS  - these items make great holiday gifts!
The Kids Care Committee has a box set up in the school lobby to accept your old winter coat donations!  The collection is for ANY winter coats you might have (kids, women's mens, babies)!  Anton Coats cleans the coats and distributes them to people in need!  So they don't have to be clean, but they should have enough life in them to be helpful!!!     We will be collecting coats through the end of the year!  Clean your closets and help someone in need!!!  Thank you!
Save the date!  We are looking forward to our 2nd Annual Martha Jones Marketplace. Please save the date to Shop Local and Support our school.
Vendor info:
If you have been involved before, we look forward to your return, if not, welcome aboard! We look forward to your participation in this exciting event.  For an application and event info please contact Jenn Burkart 781-329-3334 or
Learn more about Anton Cleaners Coats Program
SCRIP Shopping Cards
The PTO will be selling Shopping Cards again this year. Order forms will be sent home November 9th and all orders will be filled by the second week in December, just in time for the holidays. For those of you new to the program, Martha Jones School is able to purchase shopping cards at a discount from various retailers, due to its non-profit status. We make a profit on the discount and that profit is used to fund and support various programs for our students. 
This is how it works:
You purchase: $100 LL Bean Shopping Card
You pay: $100 check made payable to the Martha Jones PTO
You receive: $100 LL Bean Shopping Card
Martha Jones School receives: $15 since the discount for this retailer is 15% of $100
The shopping cards are the same ones you buy at the store and can be used for everyday expenses such as coffee, food, gas, gifts, clothes.....they are also great for birthday and holiday gifts. Popular retailers who participate in this program include Stop & Shop, Shaws, Barnes and Noble, CVS, Panera Bread, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, PF Changs, LL Bean, Cold Stone Creamery, ITunes, Legal Seafood. Check out
www.glscrip.com for a complete list of participating retailers.  
Health Room News
Busy families sometimes have trouble fitting in 3 healthy meals each day.  Like it or not, snacking has become an important contributor to daily food intake.  According to a USDA survey of nearly 10,000 children, twice as many kids today eat snack foods, like crackers, popcorn, pretzels, and corn chips as kids did 20 years ago.  Soda consumption has increased 37% for 6-9 year olds during the same time period.  While children are eating extra calories, many still fall short on meeting their needs for vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin E, vitamin B6, zinc, and iron.
What does this all mean?  You'll want to take extra care to make certain your child's snacks are every bit as healthy as the meals you serve.  The easiest way to do this is to use the same guidelines for snack planning as for meal planning.  Many healthy, convenient options can be found within each of the food groups.
Some examples of healthy snacks for school include:
·        Chopped, raw vegetables and dip
·        Breadsticks or pita chips and hummus
·        Pretzels or popcorn
·        Tortilla chips with bean dip or salsa
·        Cheerios, granola, or other dry cereal in a bag
·        Toasted whole grain breads or crackers with cheese or fruit spread
·        Graham crackers dipped in applesauce
·        Mini rice cakes with peanut butter
·        Fresh fruits
·        Dried fruits, especially raisins
·        Applesauce or other fruit cups
·        Granola bars
Now is the time to teach children about the benefits healthy eating.  They learn from both practice and example.  Please help them make good choices for the snacks they bring to school.
Celeste Mahoney RN
Special News From the Classroom
By: Cam Markovsky, Charlotte MacDonald, Evan Glenn, Lauren Krokowski, Miranda Luiz, Kendall Zaleski, Juliet Bockhorst, and Shannon Condon
"Geography is probably the most fun unit yet!" exclaimed Miranda. Her friends agreed. "Reporting on states, learning about them region by region, and now visiting the Apple Store to make a geography movie!" When 4-0 walked into the Apple Store at Legacy Place, Edgar, Hannah, Merrill and Matt started clapping! Everyone knew then, it was going to be a great field trip. Six big tables were in the center of the store, and countertops were all along the walls. They were all filled with computers, iPods and iPhones. The computer techs escorted us over to our table, and gave us a yellow t-shirt to wear. 4-0 was the very first class to have a workshop in this new Apple Store.
Edgar started the workshop by saying, "Welcome to Apple! Today you are going to learn how to make a movie using iMovie." Our job was to make a geography movie about the U.S. Each of us was in one of these five teams: Landforms, Bodies of Water, Manmade Landmarks, National Parks and U.S. Economy. Photographs for each team were already on our computers. Merrill demonstrated step by step what to do, then let us try on our very own computer.
First, everyone took turns selecting pictures for our topic. We dragged each picture onto the iMovie screen. We clicked the text button, choose a font and typed in a title for most of our images. We added two different kinds of transitions between pictures. One is normal, the other one is a globe. The normal transitions have tons of different slides like cube, fade and twirl. We used the globe transition to move from one part of the U.S. to another. For example, when the Landmarks team added a globe transition between the Statue of Liberty and Mt. Rushmore, you see a red line traveling across the country from N.Y. to South Dakota when this transition plays. This special effect is really cool! We also added music from iTunes to our videos.
The store manager let us eat lunch right in the store. Now weren't we lucky? You don't often get to eat lunch in an electronic store! As we ate lunch, everyone bragged about our movies. After lunch, we had a screening, and watched one movie from each of the five teams. The pictures! The text! The music! The transitions! How can they be so eye pleasing? We all wanted our movie to be the best, but we didn't
know the others would be so good! When each movie played, everyone was totally amazed! One team high-fived each other, proud of its work. When thinking about this field trip, we only have one word F-U-N!
4-W and 4-T travel to the Apple Store in the next few weeks. Each class will continue to work on their iMovies in school. When these U.S. Geography iMovies are done, special screenings will be scheduled, so each class can present their work to the other two classes. We can't wait!  We can't wait!