Welcome to Westwood High School
Mission Statement

Members of the Westwood High School community will strive for excellence in academic endeavors.  We recognize that fostering a climate that promotes intellectual, social and emotional growth is the shared responsibility of students, faculty, administrators, support staff, parents, and the community-at-large.  We challenge all members of our school community to practice self-discipline, exhibit respectful behavior, celebrate others’ achievements and demonstrate a commitment to learning as a lifelong process.

Statement of Expectations
School-Wide Academic Expectations
  1. Read effectively
  2. Communicate effectively
  3. Define, analyze, and solve problems
  4. Access and interpret information from a variety of sources
School-Wide Social and Civic Expectations
  1. Practice kind, respectful, and appropriate behavior
  2. Assume responsibility for one’s own behavior
  3. Contribute to the well-being and welfare of others
  4. Participate in the school’s democratic process
Westwood High School
200 Nahatan Street
Westwood, MA 02090

Sean Bevan, Principal
781-326-7500 x3316

Brian Harrigan, Assistant Principal
781-326-7500 x3311

Amy Davenport, Dean of Students
781-326-7500 x3471

Main office
781-326-7500 x3301

Absence Line
781-326-7500 x1512

Health Office
781-326-7500 x3353

Guidance Office
781-326-7500 x3126