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850 High Street
Westwood, MA 02090
Phone: 781.326.7500 ext. 2336

Allison F. Borchers, Principal
(781) 326-7500 ext.2398
(617) 633-6794 (cell)

Kyle Grady, Assistant Principal
(781) 326-7500 ext.2335
(610) 500-1031 (cell)

Vera Fleming, Main Office Administrative Assistant
(781) 326-7500 ext.2336

David Calandrella, Student Services Administrative Assistant
(781) 326-7500 ext.2329

Absence Line
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Narrative Statement of Beliefs
The E.W. Thurston Middle School addresses the academic, social, emotional and physical needs of the emerging adolescent. Central to the school’s mission is its challenging and rigorous curriculum. The school’s program of studies builds on children’s natural curiosity about the world to enable them to become more critical, creative, sensitive and ethical thinkers. The curriculum is designed to develop students’ ability to read with insight and purpose; to speak and write with clarity and precision; to ask pertinent questions; and to listen carefully. The curriculum presumes that students are well served if they: can see the events of today in the light of history; can reason mathematically and solve problems with accuracy; understand the methods and principles of science; can begin to communicate in a language other than English and are familiar with cultures other than their own; are knowledgeable about health and fitness; understand and can apply essential life skills; can use computers to enhance their learning and to communicate with others; and can engage in musical, artistic and dramatic endeavors.
Thurston students are expected to work hard as they are supported in their efforts by teachers who are caring and who know them well. Students are encouraged to take increased responsibility for their learning and to grow in their ability to work independently, as well as in collaboration with others. Within the classroom, there is an emphasis not only on fundamental knowledge and skills, but on exploration and risk-taking as well, which is appropriate to a time when children are discovering and confirming their own personal strengths.
Thurston has a “team” structure that includes sixth, seventh, and eighth grade teams, as well as a cross-grade level arts team. Teachers and counselors meet several times each week to discuss student progress and to plan team activities. This structure affords early adolescents a sense of physical and emotional security and enables students, teachers and parents to work together and to know each other well. It also facilitates interdisciplinary instruction, which invites students to discover connections and relationships among content areas.
Thurston is a place for students to grow intellectually, socially and emotionally. As students mature and become more self-sufficient, they learn to make informed choices regarding their health and well-being. Treating themselves — and others — with respect is a core value at Thurston. Accordingly, the school regards civility as essential. As students gain self-confidence, it is expected that they will learn to stand up for what they believe and to listen respectfully to the beliefs of others. A dedication to these values — respect for oneself and others, civility and the courage of one’s convictions — prepares students to exercise their rights and fulfill their responsibilities as citizens in a school community and, ultimately, in a democracy.



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