Deerfield School
72 Deerfield Ave.
Westwood, MA 02090
phone:326-7500 ext. 8504
fax: 781-320-0189
Office hours: 7:45-3:45

Joshua Baumer, Principal

Michelle Miller, Secretary

Tricia DeAngelis, Nurse

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     Welcome to the Deerfield Elementary School homepage! Deerfield Elementary School is an inclusive learning environment for students in kindergarten through fifth grade, their families, and the people with whom they work. The school community is built on six core values: Cooperation, Academic Excellence, Acceptance, Respect, Responsibility, and Effort. These core values create the acronym CARE; we care about our students, their families, and the community. Our core values are integrated throughout the academic and social curricula and are evident in all learning spaces.
     One of the primary foci of the Deerfield academic program is to help our students become independent life-long learners. Our students learn the information and skills outlined in the Westwood Curriculum Standards (you may obtain a copy from the Deerfield main office or from your student’s teacher), which are aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks (available at, throughout the school year. We use a variety of informal and formal assessments to identify the students’ individual learning needs; we use differentiated instruction techniques to meet those needs. We help students recognize the positive correlation between effort and achievement, and we encourage students to take responsibility for their learning.
     One of the primary foci of the Deerfield social program is to help our students become positive, productive, and responsible members of the community. Our students experience a wide variety of interpersonal interactions during the school day. We facilitate positive social exchanges, formally and informally, within each classroom, grade level, and throughout the entire school community. We teach students the importance of reciprocal respect and create a safe learning environment that does not allow bullying or other forms of inappropriate interactions.
     We believe that regular communication between the school and the student’s home is essential to the student’s academic and social success. The staff and I welcome your feedback and are available for conversations anytime during the school year. Our contact information is available by clicking on the “Our Staff” link on this homepage and by consulting the staff page of the Deerfield Handbook. The “About Our School” link has bus routes and information from our school nurse. “The Bulletin Board” link has commonly used forms and recent news and events. The “Curriculum” link has academic resources for parents, links to classroom homepages, and information on a variety of special subjects. The “Student Life” link has photos from recent school events. The school newsletter, called Leaps and Bounds, is published weekly and is available on this homepage. Please explore our homepage and let me know your thoughts.
     Thank you for visiting the Deerfield School homepage and for your interest in our school. We appreciate your support.



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