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Be Kind.  Be Curious.  Be Courageous.

Welcome to the Martha Jones School. We want students at the Martha Jones School to Be Kind to themselves and to others; We hope that they will Be Curious about learning and the world and people around them; and we ask that they Be Courageous when called upon to do the right thing, to stand up for themselves and others,  to take risks and be adventurous, even when it is hard and to not be afraid to fail. I am delighted to welcome you to Martha Jones.  


Principal's Message - Click Here For Our Most Recent Issue of Leaps and Bounds 

Message from the Principal’s Office

As we head into Thanksgiving, I want to take a moment to let you know how Thankful I am to be part of the Martha Jones School Community.  While I, along with many of you, have certainly faced some challenging times and situations over the past 20 months, the fact that I get to work with such wonderful teachers and staff, dedicated families, and truly amazing kids makes it possible for me to come to work each day, ready to tackle challenges and celebrate successes.  Yesterday, I had the pleasure of playing Mousetrap with some students who had earned some fun time with me.  Seeing them laugh and enjoy themselves while engaging in thoughtful conversations, being friendly and kind to each other as they took turns, and truly having fun made my day.  (As a side note, if your child has Mousetrap on their Hanukkah or Christmas list you may want to choose another game, it takes forever to set up and longer to play :)!  Of course, that may have been their strategy in choosing that game. 

A Very Happy Thanksgiving to All. 



Happy Hanukkah - To those of you celebrating Hanukkah, may your Festival of Lights be filled with hearty meals, special prayers, and fun times with family and friends.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with holiday celebrations. 


Each year, as we get ready for Thanksgiving, each student makes a turkey feather stating what they are Thankful for (thanks Mrs. McDonough for organizing this each year).   It is precious to read what the students are giving thanks for.  Many write about how thankful they are for their family, their friends, their homes, their food, their teachers, their siblings, and their grandparents.  Here are a few that stood out to me:


I’m thankful for my Dad, he always recognizes when I’m sad and cheers me up!

I’m thankful to all the people who protect us and protect our country.

I’m thankful for my dog, he is a good friend.

I’m thankful for video games, especially when I’m not allowed to go outside.

I am thankful for Bees.  (This one made me laugh, because bees have been a bit of an issue at lunch during this unusually warm fall and every day students are begging me to get rid of the bees!  I’m glad someone appreciates them.) 
































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PTO News and Update 

PTO MEETING: Tuesday, December 14th at 7pm 


Our next PTO meeting is 12/14. Plan is to have in-person and on Zoom. Details will come out the week before the meeting.


Kids Reading Clip Art Image - Kids Reading Books Clip Art PNG Image |  Transparent PNG Free Download on SeekPNG

We are so excited to announce the relaunch of the Birthday Books program. This year the program will run from January to June as we celebrate birthdays and half-birthdays. This is a great opportunity to celebrate your child's birthday and provide the Martha Jones Library with brand new library books. Click here to learn more about the Birthday Books program and click this link to sign up. 

HOLIDAY GIVING OPPORTUNITIES: Winter Sock Drive starting December 1st

Png Free Library Socks Clip Art At Clker Com Vector - Sock Clipart PNG  Image | Transparent PNG Free Download on SeekPNG

The PTO will be running a Winter Sock Drive in December to benefit Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program. For people experiencing homelessness, the need for new socks is critical especially during the winter season.  BHCHP relies upon donations of new, white socks to distribute to patients at more than 40 shelter-based clinics and through their outreach care program. The drive will be collecting NEW white adult socks and will run the first two weeks of December. For questions, please contact Mary L. Jason or Kimberly Chase



Thank you for all the SCRIP orders! Unfortunately this year the site is having a lot of issues and they are not giving us the one day delivery option as they normally have. We were expecting to have them last week or early this week but it looks like we won’t receive them until next week. We are sorry for the inconvenience and will send a reminder the day they will be available either for pick up or sent home with your child. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this difficult ‘supply chain’ time!




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