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Dear Sheehan Families,

For many years our second grade students have participated in the Same and Different Like Me, Understanding our Differences program that introduced students to visual, auditory, and physical disabilities.  We now have an updated curriculum that includes Kindergarten through Grade 5. The vision of the program is to build disability awareness into the school curricula through active learning experiences, to increase knowledge and decrease misconceptions about people living with disabilities, and to foster acceptance, respect, and positive attitudes towards people living with disabilities in the school and community.  

In Fourth Grade, students learn about the various parts of the brain and how everyone learns differently. Some students are visual learners, gaining new information through images and picture, others may be auditory learners, listening and easily retaining new information that is shared orally, and other learn by movement and hands - on experiences. Teachers and students discuss discovering how you learn best is important because your learning style influences the way you understand information and solve problems. 

Students and teachers also learn about how our brain impacts our learning and how different parts of the brain have different functions.  A major component of the Same and Different Like Me Curriculum is to have guest speakers come and talk with our students about an experiene related to our individual differences to create an environment that promotes awareness , increases knowledge, and builds acceptance for all. 

Today, former Sheehan student Maddie Walter presented to all of our Grade 4 classes. Maddie suffered a traumatic brain injury 2 years ago and has had to relearn how to walk, talk, and to learn. She spoke with our students about how she is just like them, but different, too.  Just like our fourth grade students, Maddie has friends, likes to go to school, play sports, exercise, and have fun going to concerts and outings with friends.  And now, she is different because of her brain injury.  Walking. talking, learning, and holding conversations are all challenges for her. But despite all of these challenges, Maddie has an unbelievable determination and grit to overcome these obstacles.  Like our students, she has goals and dreams of attending college, being able to once again run, and get a job.  Maddie shared with our students the importance of accepting others, treating everyone the same, finding out what you have in common with one another, and inviting and including everyone!  At the end of her presentation, she told a silent audience, " If you get a curveball thrown at you in life, KEEP GOING!  Don't let anyone limit you, Keep Hope, Acknowledge Challenges and Just Push Through!"  Her message was amazing and one that I hope our students will think about and act upon with one another.  

Have a wonderful week.

Mrs. Evans
















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