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Respect and Not Neglect ♦ Voice the Right Choice ♦ Listen, Learn, Try, Ask Why ♦ School Wide Pride

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Dear Sheehan Families,

Thank you to all who attended Curriculum Night. It is a wonderful evening for parents and teachers!  We appreciate all that you do to support our school.

Over the summer, our Grade 4 students read the novel " Wonder" by RJ Palacio.  Last week, we met in book discussion groups to discuss the major themes of the book; kindness, respect, and friendship.  Our students created their own " Precepts"  or phrases to live by and inspire one another  each day.  Two of my favorites are: "If you cannot think of something kind to say, you haven't thought long enough." and " Share a smile, it will go on forever"  Our students did a beautiful job creating these wonderful phrases. It is our hope that these " precepts" will help guide us on our path to greater kindness at the Sheehan School. 

Please ask your child to discuss their favortie and we welcome any new precepts that your child would like to share with the school.

Each month, I hold a Principal's Coffee. This is open to everyone as an opportunity to share the wonderful happenings taking place at the school as well as to listen to your thoughts and ideas. Our first Principal's Coffee is Friday, September 30th at 9;00 in the Sheehan Library.  

Our students are off to an amazing start.  So  many awesome moments of learning are taking place every day.  In  Mrs. Truman's and Mrs. Monteiro's Kindergarten classrooms our students were learning their poems of the week that touches upon rhyming,  letter sounds, and their phonics skills.  Our Grade 4 students were very engaged in their Reader's Workshop as well as taking a virtual tour using hyperlinks of the United States learning specific geographical features.

Have a wonderful week. Hope to see many of you at our Fall Family Picnic, Tuesday, September 20th.













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Lunch Menu

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We have a very simple way for you to sign up to volunteer in the Sheehan lunchroom this year! Please click on the following link  This link will bring to "signupgenius".  Once there, you can choose which day you would like to come in to volunteer.  Once you click on the day, just go to the bottom of the page and click "submit and sign up".  If you'd like to volunteer only during your child's lunch time, that is perfectly fine!  Next to the day you volunteered, just put in a note in the "My Comment" column. We look forward to seeing you.






Welcome to the Sheehan PTA page. We always welcome parent involvement and have numerous volunteer activities throughout the year. A great way to learn more about the PTA and is to attend one of our meetings. Also, look out for our monthly newsletter and Facebook updates to stay up-to-date on PTA fundraisers, activities and events.


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Sheehan PTA Dues Letter

PTA Newletter for September



The 2016-2017 PTA Board:

Co-Presidents: Karin Albers, Dawnmarie Shu, Patty Spink

Secretary: Cindy Carlo

Treasurers: Maddy Campbell and Wendy Hickey


Save the Date! 2016-2017 PTA Meetings

Tuesday, October 4th at 7:00 PM Sheehan Library 

Tuesday, January 10th at 9:00 AM Teacher's Room 

Tuesday, March 21st at 7:00 PM Sheehan Library 

Tuesday, May 9th at 7:00 PM Sheehan Library


Important Dates

Friday, September 16:  Picture Day

Tuesday, September 20:  Fall Picnic 5-6:30 pm at the Sheehan

Friday, October 28:  Save the date for the Halloween Party 6-7:30 pm

December 5-9:  Scholastic Book Fair

Pay4schoolstuff online registration and payment system​ ​is​ ​a one stop shop for parents to quickly pay online for most PTA fees and activities!  Pay4schoolstuff saves time and effort writing checks and keeping track of your various payments.  It also greatly helps the PTA from having to collate and deposit various checks as well.









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