11/07/17Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences, December 7th, 6:30 -8:30 pm
All conference take place in the cafeteria


The online sign-up system opens at 8:00 pm on Wednesday, November 15th and will remain open until all slots are full.


In order to sign up for a conference, follow the simple directions below:

  1. Go to the WHS PickATime site.

  2. Create an account by clicking the “Login/Create Account” button and enter your information.

  3. Enter your child’s first and last name with no space between (e.g., JaneDoe) and birthday (e.g., 04/08/95).

  4. If you have multiple children at WHS, you can add each one to pull up multiple schedules.

  5. Using the color coded guide at the top of the screen, select times for your conferences. (The names of your child’s teacher will appear, though the subject that each person teaches will not. You can always access your child’s schedule through the X2 parent portal.)

  6. Click on “Your schedule” to see a listing of all appointments, to cancel an appointment or to change a time.

  7. Click on “Printable schedule” to print or email your schedule.


Again, the actual conference night will take place on Thursday, December 7th from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. All conferences are five minutes long and are held in the cafeteria. You may schedule conferences back-to-back or with a break in between, depending on your preference.


There are a limited number of slots available. If you do not need to see a particular teacher, please do not schedule an appointment. Doing so may prevent someone else from securing the slot. Please remember that parents are welcome to schedule time to meet with their child’s teachers at any time during the school year. Faculty members are also available via phone or e-mail. Contact information is on the high school website.


Two tips:

  1. You may want to print out this note as a reference for the sign-up process tomorrow.

  2. It may be helpful to have a list of your child's teachers and what they teach so you may reference it during sign-ups as the teachers' content areas are not listed on the sign-ups page.


If you have any questions about the system, please see the FAQ's document.


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