The Senior Independent Project Program (SIPP) is an experiential course designed to provide students with the opportunity to pursue a topic they are passionate about outside the traditional curriculum. The culminating project is designed to deepen students' understanding of the subject and positively impact the community. Students apply for the program during their junior year, proposing a topic or issue to explore. Once accepted into SIPP, students work with a mentor to develop essential questions, perform research, create a project plan, and gain meaningful real-world experience related to their topics. By the end of senior year, students will have executed their project plans and shared their results with the greater community. 


SIPP is a hybrid course: students collaborate in the classroom, but also work independently. SIPP emphasizes the development of 21st century skills such as independence, creativity, collaboration, problem-solving, perseverance and the purposeful use of technology.


Please contact SIPP Program Teacher Katherine Stewart at with questions or concerns.‚Äč

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