January 2021 Meeting Presentation

Vendor Invoice Package - December 2020
December 2020 School Building Committee Meeting Presentation

School Committee Community Forum Presentation

Vendor Invoice Package
November 2020 Meeting Presentation

Vendor Invoice Package - October 2020
October 2020

Contract Amendment - Flow Tests

Meeting Presentation

School Committee Building Project Form Slideshow Presentation

Vendor Invoice Package - August 2020

Vendor Invoice Package - September 2020

August 2020 Contract Amendments

Meeting Presentation

Vendor Invoice Package - July 2020
July 2020 Design Presentation

Vendor Invoice Package - June 2020
June 2020 Presentation on Building Project Evaluation and Final Recommendation
May 2020 Presentation of Evaluation Criteria for Short-List Options and Recommended Option

Vendor Invoice Package: April 2020
April 2020

Evaluation Criteria

Presentation on Sustainability

Presentation on Sustainable Design and Updated Options

Redistricting and Consolidation Presentation and Video

Vendor Invoice Package: March 2020

March 2020 MassSave Engineering Services Application

MassSave Memorandum of Understanding

School Building Project Community Presentation and Video

Vendor Invoice Package: February 2020
February 2020 Dore and Whittier contract amendment

Preliminary Cost Estimates

Vendor Invoice Package: January 2020
January 2020 Presentation: Options Review, Evaluation Criteria, Next Steps

Community Presentation

Sustainability Workshop Slides

Vendor Invoice Package: December 2019
December 2019 Community Forum: Video and Presentation

Presentation on evaluation of existing conditions and space summaries; and evaluation criteria

Vendor Invoice Package: November 2019
November 2019 Architect Contract

Educational Programming Workplan and Schedule

Existing Conditions - Facilities Analysis Workplan and Schedule

Vendor Invoice Package: October 2019

Listening Session Findings
October 2019 Community Forum: Video and Presentation
September 2019 Community Forums: Promotional Flier and Video
July 2019 Request for Designer Services
June 2019 OPM School Building Committee Kick-off
April 2019 MSBA Project Update

Request for Owner's Project Management Services
March 2019 MSBA Project Update

Town Newsletter Update
February 2019 Feasibility Study Information (MSBA)

MSBA Enrollment Letter/Feasibility Options

OPM Selection Process FAQ (MSBA)

OPM Selection (MSBA)
December 2018 Town Newsletter Update
September 2018 MSBA Project Update
August 2018 Educational Profile Questionnaire

Initial Compliance Certification
June 2018 Letter to Editor

Building Project Update
March 2018 Deerfield School Tour: Video and Handout
Hanlon School Tour: Video and Handout
Sheehan School Tour: Video and Handout

Community Forum: Video and Slideshow

Town Newsletter Article on Tours

Superintendent's Appearance on INSIDE Westwood
February 2018 Community Forums Press Release

School Tours Press Release
January 2018 Letter to Westwood Residents

Superintendent's Appearance on INSIDE Westwood
March 2017 Statement of Interest Letter
June 2015 Capital Needs Study


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